Course: The Five Percenter’s Formula Follow Up System

It’s one thing to be inspired, educated and motivated, and it’s another to turn that into changed behavior.  The follow up system is designed to help you assist your salespeople in taking that step.


Twelve weeks of repetition and reinforcement to ingrain the best practices discussed at the seminar into the work habits of your salespeople.


  • Six e-mail messages that you send to your salespeople
  • Six 45-minute phone messages
  • Six suggested assignments
  • Six formats for conference calls that you use with your salespeople


  • You sign up your salespeople.
  • We send you a package of six e-mails and the information for each salesperson to access the lessons,
  • Week number one, you send each salesperson the first e-mail.  This instructs him to listen to the message, and complete the assignment.
  • Over the next two weeks, the salespeople do so.
  • You convene a conference call following our format and discuss the results with them.
  • You send the next e-mail and proceed as above.

Note:  You have six months to complete the course.


  • Session One Topic:  Prioritizing and Targeting Your Accounts
  • Session Two Topic:  Analyzing Your Relationships
  • Session Three Topic:  Nurturing the Relationship
  • Session Four Topic:  The Art of Asking Questions – Part 1
  • Session Five Topic:  The Art of Asking Questions – Part 2
  • Session Six Topic:  Closing the Sale

INVESTMENT:  $84 per salesperson.

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I am pleased to tell you how well the… program went, and how well it was received. As I recall, you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force. I don’t think we knew exactly what to expect, but we sure were happy with the results. This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of our sales staff was excellent. You addressed our expressed needs, provided valuable support material, did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, and everyone’s comments were very positive. Among the best things we gained was the strategy for better analyzing territories and clients into priority groups – ABC; and how dealing with different personalities is as important as dealing with different product requirements. We now have a great foundation from which to work. I appreciate your help in constructing it and will recommend you to others. In the future, we will think of you first as our training partner.”

Allen Gage

President of Sales &Marketing, Tri-West, Ltd.