Course: The 5 Percenter’s Formula System

In every sales organization, the top 5 percent of the sales force produces 50 percent of the results.  This course shows you how they do it. The course provides a set of specific processes and best practices to enable the motivated sales person to begin to excel at field sales. Over 3,065 sales people and 751 companies have benefited from this program. Each of the 5 Percent Selling System lessons provides a lesson outline, a set of exercises, a suggested action plan, as well as the video lesson itself.

Session One: Building the foundation. Teaches the fundamental concepts and paradigms on which the Selling System is built, and makes an assignment designed to change mind-sets and begin to think like a 5 Percenter.

Session Two: Invest your sales time to gain the greatest return. Introduces the concept of high potential, shows them exactly how to rate each account on its potential, and then helps them to begin to organize their sales time to spend more time with the highest potential accounts. Based on the book, Ten Secrets of Time Management for Sales People, the assignment is to reorganize their time and territory plans, focusing on the highest potential.

Session Three: Expanding the quantity and quality of your relationships. Shows them how many of their current ideas about their relationships are really detrimental to their success. Then we encourage them to add to the quantity and quality of their relationships, and provide them with unique tools to assess both. Their assignment is to improve both the quantity and quality of their relationships.

Session Four: Uncovering opportunities in depth and detail. This is the keystone selling skill, upon which the entire sales process is based. Making use of concepts and tactics presented in Dave’s book, Question Your Way to Sales Success, we present eye-opening new ways to look at and execute this most important selling competency. The assignment is to begin to use these new-found ideas to impact your sales results.

Session Five: Persuasive sales presentations. Take the initiative and offer opportunities for the customers to do more business with you. That’s the idea transmitted in this session, with principles and practices to support it from the book, How to Excel at Distributor Sales. Sales people are given the assignment to make a certain number of bigger offers, after having been taught exactly how to do it.

Session Six: Closing. To gain an agreement with the customer (close the sale) is the ultimate purpose of every sales call. We provide some unique ways to think about this, and a set of tools so that everyone can improve in this fundamental skill. Their assignment is to practice and document their new understanding.

Session Seven: Acquiring new customers. Educates them in the process of acquiring new customers, teaches the three most important aspects of a first call on a new person, shows them exactly how to prepare for it, and then assigns them the task of completing this preparation, and making a number of first calls.

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