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Improve performance and learn how to handle the most challenging sales situations you’ll face.

First Steps to Success In Outside Sales

Learn how to establish successful habits and achieve your sales goals quickly. A 12 session course with exercises and worksheets to improve retention.

Conquering the #1 Buying Obstacle – Reducing Risk

Learn to reduce risk and how it impacts everything you do.

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Sales Managers Track

Learn best practices to lead your sales team more confidently and how to hire top talent.

The Kahle Way Sales Management System

Learn a proven system that will fully equip you with the five key practices to direct sales activity and accountability while maximizing sales performance.

Managers Implementation

Learn best practices to lead your sales team more confidently and how to hire top talent.

The Sales Resource Center recognizes the unique, relationship-building requirements of distributor and dealer sales: repetitive sales calls made to a defined customer base, with a wide variety of products and services to sell. We have created the largest body of content for this selling situation available anywhere in the world. If you want to sell better we can help.

Authored by the world’s most widely recognized authority on distributor sales: Dave Kahle. Dave has written four books for the distributor sales channel, has appeared in front of the conferences of 89 national associations, and personally worked with over 429 individual companies. Learn more here.

Your sales force can sell better!  Our content is proven to improve the performance of any distributor/dealer sales person. Review our list of clients, testimonials and success stories.

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