Excellence at B2B Sales – Gold Level

The Gold Level track provides a rich variety of resources designed to empower the motivated B2B sales person to grow to exceptional levels of performance.

    • Best Practices of B2B Sales People behavioral assessment allows you to rate yourself on the best practices of the best B2B sales people, and then chart an individualized personal development program.
    • The Kahle Way® B2B Selling System is the premier selling system for B2B sales people. It begins with an optional best-practice assessment, proceeds through 16 comprehensive lessons, and ends with an optional certification exam. Thousands of B2B sales people have enhanced their careers with the skills, concepts, principles and practices gained from this course. You can learn more here.
    • Following completion of the course, you can take the exam and apply for certification.
    • Finally, the track provides a number of stand-alone lessons designed to both equip the sales person with solutions to some of the most challenging situations he/she will face, as well to expose him/her to advanced sales strategies, practices and competencies.

Pods are individual, stand-alone lessons focusing on a specific competency or common sales problem. They typically have a video or audio lesson, a lesson outline, a set of exercises, and a recommended action plan. The Gold Level track includes the following pods:

  • Pod-11 Managing the Impenetrable Account
  • Pod-12 How to Protect Your Good Accounts from the Competition
  • Pod-14 Differentiating Yourself from the Competition
  • Pod-20 Conquering the #1 Buying Obstacle: Reducing the Risk

Clusters are combinations of audio, video and/or text files which revolve around a theme. They are designed to stimulate the participant to create a set of ideas to address that issue. The Gold Level track includes the following clusters:

  • Cluster CL-1: Preventing the Price Objection
  • Cluster CL-8: Penetrating Key Accounts
  • Cluster CL-17: Happy with the Current Supplier
  • Cluster CL-85: Self Improvement
  • Cluster CL-86: Managing & Motivating Yourself

Your investment is only $64.00 per month. You may access each of these lessons two times during your subscription, and you may take as long as you would like to do so. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the month. You may cancel at any time. To order the Gold Level track, click here.

Optional: Manager’s implementation lesson. Guides the manager or trainer through the processes, practices and tools designed to assist the sales team with implementation of the selling system. One one-hour video lesson. $39. Click here to order.

How it works – to the manager or trainer

1. Sign up each of the sales people for the program by clicking on this link. Each sales person must have his own password and subscription.

2. They will each receive a user id and password.

3. Take the “manager’s implementation session” by clicking on this link.

4. Every two to four weeks, assign one of the lessons.

Each sales person will access the lesson on his own, download the exercises and watch the video. Each lesson carries with it an assignment or recommended action plan, and a set of written exercises.

5. At the next meeting, review the exercises and assignments from that pod with each of the sales people. Hold them accountable, recognize their success, and encourage their continued involvement.

6. Repeat the above until they have completed the program.

At any time, call us for recommendations for additional lessons, or customized approaches to training your sales team.

Dave’s professional experiences bring to light his proven principles and how with a commitment to discipline. They can be applied to any company in any industry.”

Michael Donnelly

President of Sales &Marketing, Daniels-Olsen/Metro Hardwoods