What I learned and will implement will help us increase sales and opportunities 100% each year. The guided plan just makes sense.

Steven Wolf

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Online Sales Training for B2B Sales People

Lots of people can teach you how to sell.  We teach you how to sell better!

Authored by one of the world’s most widely recognized authorities on B2B selling: Dave Kahle. Dave has written twelve books, has appeared in front of the conferences of 89 national associations, personally worked with over 329 individual companies, and trained tens of thousands of B2B sales people to sell more effectively. Learn more here.

Our B2B Sales Training Content

Stand alone lessons.  Select from over 79 individual lessons, addressing everything from fundamental sales skllls to sophisticated issues for the sales master. Review the list of individual lessons here.  More are added regularly.

Monthly development program:  Spend one hour, once a month, in a sales training session you facilitate, anytime 24/7.  Read more here.

Courses are sets of specific lessons. You may take up to a year and a half to complete a course. We have courses for sales people as well as sales managers. Review them here.

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Tracks: Select from four levels of involvement.

Our Bronze Level in B2B Sales Training is designed for the sales person or company with a limited budget and a small commitment of time and effort. At $34 per month, it provides high quality concepts and practices which can ignite the performance of a sales person. As with all our tracks, you can enroll for one month or several, and cancel any time. Click here for a complete description.

Our Silver Level is designed for the sales person who is more committed to his/her growth. It includes our Five Percenter’s Formula Selling System, as well as a selection of lessons designed to expose the sales person to the best practices of the best of his profession. At $44 per month, it provides the highest quality instruction at less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Click here for a complete description.

Our Gold Level is the premium program for committed sales people, and those companies who are intent on leading their industries. It includes our propriety Best Practices for B2B Sales Behavioral assessment, our top-of-the-line Kahle Way® B2B Sales System course, and a selected group of lessons for the motivated, committed sales person. For $64 per month, it delivers all this, 24/7, for less than the cost of lunch once a week. Click here for a complete description.

The Ultimate Program! Gain access to the entire library. You’ll be set with content to address any situation: Nine courses, 23 learning action plans, six best-practice assessments, 455 learning units. The ultimate value in training and development.  Click here to learn more.

Have Unique Needs in B2B Sales Training? We can custom design a track specifically for you, and even add optional live or webinar training. Contact us.