Course: How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Sales Person

Hiring a good sales person can be the most critical decisions you make. A good sales person will make you money month after month, free up your time to do other things, and make life easier. But a mediocre performer can cause you sleepless nights, ruin hard-earned relationships with good customers, and waste thousands of dollars of your time and effort.

Content consists of…

One: Introduction to the course.
Two: The key reason people don’t make good hires.
Three:  How to develop a precise territory description.
Four:  How to describe the market for your new sales person.
Five: How to decide what you want your sales person to do.
Six:  How to determine the quality of sales person you need.
Seven:  How to create specific expectations for your sales person.
Eight: How to create a “Preferred Profile.”
Nine:  How to create a compensation plan for your new sales person.
Ten:  How to begin to recruit a new sales person.
Eleven:  How to evaluate a resume.
Twelve:  How to interview a prospective sales person.
Thirteen:  How to check references for a potential sales person.
Fourteen:  How to make the hire.
Fifteen:  Summary

Total: Fifteen lessons, approximately four hours and five minutes instructional time. You have six months to complete the course.

Your investment:  $235

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This step-by-step guide directs you through this most crucial process of selecting sales people. As you interact with this self-study program, you’ll develop your own personalized action plan, learn how to attract exceptional performers, and weed out mediocre candidates. The program is full of crystal clear concepts that you can apply to your own situation, powerful practical application exercises, and proven secrets to attract good people.


This is an extremely simple, yet highly effective system of managing salespeople. Beyond that, I am very impressed with the values built into the program. This is truly a system I can get behind and master.

John Cobb

Consolidated Supply, Inc.