Course: First Steps to Success in Outside Sales

First Steps to Success in Outside Sales provides the new sales person with a game plan to establish success habits and become profitable as quickly as possible. This is a 12-session course, with exercises, worksheets, audio lessons, and recommended action plans.

You have 12 months to complete the course.

Your investment is a one-time charge of $245.

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Following completion of the First Steps to Success course, you might want to take the exam and apply for certification.  This will further assure you of success in outside sales. Purchase the exam for $35. After taking and passing the exam, you may then apply for certification.

First Step to Success in Outside Sales
How it works – to the manager or trainer

1. Sign up each of the sales people for the program by clicking on this link. Each sales person must have his own password and subscription.

2. They will each receive a user id and password.

3. Every two to four weeks, assign one of the lessons.

Each sales person will access the lesson on his own, download the exercises and listen to the audio lesson. Each lesson carries with it an assignment or recommended action plan, and a set of written exercises.

4. At the next meeting, review the exercises and assignments from that pod with each of the sales people. Hold them accountable, recognize their success, and encourage their continued involvement.

5. Repeat the above until they have completed the program.

Program Outline

Lesson One: Introduction.

Lesson Two: Overview of the sales process.

•Understand that sales is a process, made up of several steps. Get an idea of what sales is all about. Recognizing the importance of relationships to sales.

Lesson Three: Organizing your first few months.

•How to make the most of your first few months. Create relationships with inside people, learn product applications, become comfortable with your company’s processes.

Lesson Four: Making appointments.

•How to prepare for voicemail, gatekeepers, as well the decision-maker. Developing scripts. Positioning yourself before you call.

Lesson Five: Making your first sales call on a prospect – Part 1.

•How to plan to create a relationship, gather information, educate the customer, and come to some agreement.

Lesson Six: Making your first sales call on a prospect – Part 2.

•Preparing an introduction, achieving rapport with the customer, understanding the customer.

Lesson Seven: Making your first sales call on a prospect – Part 3.

•Preparing a presentation. How to match your products/services to your customers’ needs. Structuring a powerful offer. How to present your proposal in an attractive way.

Lesson Eight: Making your first sales call on a prospect – Part 4.

•Closing the sale, preparing to overcome objections, arriving at an agreement for the next step.

Lesson Nine: Developing account strategies.

•Categorizing the situation you find, developing effective strategies for every situation.

Lesson Ten: Expanding the business with customers.

•How to handle new customers as well as inactive customers. Finding additional opportunities.

Lesson Eleven: Managing your territory.

•Creating goals for your key activities, working your territory effectively, planning each day, week and month.

Lesson Twelve: Managing Yourself.

•Working with integrity, maintaining a set of ethics, overcoming adversity and rejection.

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I am pleased to tell you how well the… program went, and how well it was received. As I recall, you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force. I don’t think we knew exactly what to expect, but we sure were happy with the results. This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of our sales staff was excellent. You addressed our expressed needs, provided valuable support material, did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, and everyone’s comments were very positive. Among the best things we gained was the strategy for better analyzing territories and clients into priority groups – ABC; and how dealing with different personalities is as important as dealing with different product requirements. We now have a great foundation from which to work. I appreciate your help in constructing it and will recommend you to others. In the future, we will think of you first as our training partner.”

Allen Gage

President of Sales &Marketing, Tri-West, Ltd.