I recommend your training to any organization who is interested in ensuring that their sales people are spending the majority of their time and energy on those key accounts and activities that make the best business sense to both the client and selling organization…we saw [your program] as highly beneficial to our training program, and an asset for our group’s on-going success…”

Amy Marsallis

Leaning Director NCR, Systemedia

sales management system

Sales Managers Systems for Sales Leaders

You Can Manage Better!

Most sales managers spent a considerable amount of time working as salespeople before they made the leap into management. Even with all that sales experience, it can still be difficult to manage a sales team. Developing your own sales manager systems is critical. That’s why The Sales Resource Center® offers sales and marketing courses specifically directed toward the challenges and concerns affecting the sales manager. We can help you manage your sales force more effectively by empowering each sales person to develop their own potential and improve their sales numbers.

For the serious sales manager looking to developed or fine tune their sales manager systems, we offer the Sales Manager Track. We can help you understand best practices for management as well as provide you with online sales training that includes a variety of resources that will improve your management abilities. Unlock your true sales management potential with the corporate sales training courses that are designed to enhance not just how you sell, but how you think about sales!

The Kahle Way® Sales Management System. This is the audio version of our highly-lauded program. Over 2,033 managers have taken the program live, and more than 789 companies have standardized on it as their system for managing sales people. Learn more here.

Our Sales Manager’s Track: This is a set of resources and learning units specifically designed to help you develop your own sales manager systems. Ranging from a best practice assessment for sales managers to articles written addressing key sales management issues, our Sales Manager’s Track provides a cornucopia of powerful and proven resources for a low monthly subscription. Learn more here.