Sell Better – for Inside Sales People

What your prospective customer’s value is changing more rapidly than ever. They have more choices and can access more information about you and your competitors. More informed prospects means you’re inside sales reps need a new set of sales skills provided by inside sales training.

Sell Better for Inside Sales People will give your Inside Sales team the skills they need to improve close rates and win more business. Our fifteen lesson program is designed to help your team win more consistently and reliably.

Spending just one hour a day for 15 days with our audio and video lessons conducted by world class sales trainer Dave Kahle, you’ll see systematic improvement in your inside sales team.

What you get:

Fifteen inside sales training lessons that share a set of best practices designed to help inside sales people sell better.  Each lesson consists of an audio or video file with an accompanying set of exercises.

You can bring the skills of your inside sales people up to a higher level with these one-hour inside sales training sessions. Use them in either one of two ways:

Train them in a small group.  This works best when you have a number of people in the same location.

1. Sign up for the track.  You’ll need one subscription per viewing site.  So, if you bring everyone into one location, one subscription will suffice.

2.  Assign someone to be the learning manager.

3.  Open up the lesson you want to use.  Download the handouts, and print a copy for each sales person.

4.  Hook your computer up to a projector and set of speakers.

5.  Gather the sales people, pass out the handouts, and view the lesson. Follow the directions for the exercises in the handouts.

6.  Repeat with the next lesson.  We recommend one lesson every three or four weeks.

Or, have each sales person complete the lessons individually.  This is ideal for sales people who are scattered among multiple locations, and can’t easily be brought together.

1.  Sign up for the track. If you have people view in their branches or homes, you’ll need one subscription per site.

2.  Assign someone to be the learning manager.

3.  The learning manager will make an assignment for each sales person, and be able to monitor that person’s activity.

4.  Following the completion date of every lesson, the learning manger should schedule a conference call with the assembled sales people.  At that call, use the exercises attached to that lesson to guide the conversation.

The conference call is to add a layer of accountability to the training, provide an environment where they can learn from each other, and allow the learning manager to enhance the training experience, and reinforce the learning.

5.  Following the conference call, the learning manager should assign the next lesson.

Sell Better – for Inside Sales People
contains these inside sales training lessons:

Lesson-39: The Ultimate Success Skill:  Systematically Improving Yourself

Lesson-183: Introduction to Selling Better: How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

Lesson-36: Achieve Instant Rapport with Anyone

Lesson- 4-T: Mastering Your Most Powerful Sales Tool – Part 1

Lesson-5-T: Mastering Your Most Powerful Sales Tool – Part 2

Lesson-20-T:  Conquering the #1 Buying Obstacle – Reducing the Risk

Lesson-9-T: Handling Objections – Part 1

Lesson-10-T:  Handling Objections – Part 2

Lesson-19-T:  Characteristics of Superstar Sales People

Lesson-18-T: How to Sell Value, Not Price

Lesson-24: Motivating Yourself to Excel Every Day

Lesson-15-T: How to Skillfully Handle Difficult Customers

Lesson-29: Basics of Negotiations for Sales People

Lesson-34:  Ethics for the Professional Sales Person

Lesson-27: Overcoming Time Wasters for Sales People

Your inside sales training investment:

Site license for all 15 lessons

$360  Buy it now

Learning manager license

$410  Buy it now.


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Great information; very informative as to people skill teaching.

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