Course: Kahle Way ® Selling System Follow Up Program


Thirty-two weeks of repetition and reinforcement to ingrain the best practices discussed at the seminar into the work habits of your salespeople.


Sixteen email messages

Sixteen 45 minute audio lessons

Sixteen suggested assignments

Sixteen formats for conference calls.


1.  You register your salespeople.

2.  We send you a package of 16 email messages, and the information for each salesperson to access the lessons.

3.   For week number one, you send each salesperson the first email.  This instructs him to listen to the message and complete the assignment.

4.  Over the next two weeks, the sales people do so.

5.  You convene a conference call, following the format we send you, and discuss the results with them.

6.  You send the next email, and proceed as above.


  • Session One:   Introduction

  • Session Two:  Goal Setting

  • Session Three:   Organizing Yourself for Success

  • Session Four:  Prioritizing Your Accounts

  • Session Five:   Strategic Account Plans

  • Session Six:   Create Monthly Plans

  • Session Seven: Introduction to Target Sales Calls

  • Session Eight: Connecting With Your Customer – Part I

  • Session Nine:  Connecting With Your Customer – Part II

  • Session Ten:  Learning About Your Customer – Part I

  • Session Eleven: Learning About Your Customer– Part II

  • Session Twelve:  Presenting – Part I

  • Session Thirteen:  Presenting – Part II

  • Session Fourteen:  Agreeing – Part I

  • Session Fifteen:  Agreeing – Part II

  • Session Sixteen:  Agreeing – Part III

Note:  You have twenty-four months to complete the program.

INVESTMENT: $163 per salesperson.

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I wanted to express my pleasure with your presentation of The Kahle Way® Sales Management System. We have been working to put together a management program for a couple of years and The Kahle Way® presentation crystallized the process for us. The handouts served as a great reference piece. In fact, we Lancasterized the forms but will use Kahle Way® process. I have used DaCo Corporation in the past and you have always met my expectations. Our guys were ready to receive helpful information and especially the small group interaction. Thank you again for a valuable investment in training dollars. I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.” Dave Bartholomew

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Lancaster