Stimulate, Educate, Motivate and Inspire Your Sales Team with Monthly Online Sales Training

Every month, you can have one of the world’s leading sales authorities train your sales people in the best practices of the profession, utilizing online sales training.  All with no preparation and no training on your part!

  • One hour each month
  • Variety of topics for B2B sales people
  • Each lesson has an audio or video lesson, a set of handouts, and a discussion guide.
  • Completely self-contained, with specific instructions to the facilitator to manage the lesson.

What you get:

Every month, you’ll have a recommended lesson available all month.  You’ll have unlimited, 24/7 access to each lesson for 30 days.

These lessons are created by Dave Kahle, one of the world’s top authorities on B2B sales. Check out Dave here.  They contain a pdf handout, and an audio or video presentation.  New lessons are created regularly.

This is proven content, expertly conveyed, and designed to change behavior and improve sales results.

What you do:

  • Download the pdf file and print it, one copy for each person.
  • Gather the sales team.
  • Pass out the handouts.
  • Connect to that lesson on the SRC.
  • Watch the video, or listen to the audio together.
  • Discuss the exercises.
  • Gather next month and repeat.

What now?

Select the track you want to start with, by clicking on the Buy it Now button below.  All tracks include two optional lessons for the facilitator, and six one-hour sales training sessions for the sales people.  $140.00

Track #1:  Buy it Now

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Track #3:  Coming soon.

Track #1

Optional lessons for facilitators:

Lesson-206: Menta-Morphosis ® Part One

Lesson-44: Menta-Morphosis ® Part Two  Instructions in how to facilitate the Menta-Morphosis® Learning System.

Lessons for Sales People:

Lesson-39: The Ultimate Success Skill:  Systematically Improving Yourself

Lesson-40:  Five Most Common Mistakes Sales People Make

Lesson-183: Introduction to Selling Better — How to sell anything to anyone anytime.

Lesson-43: Get Organized!  Managing Information Before it Manages You

Lesson-22: Time Management —  How to efficiently manage your sales time.

Lesson-34:  Ethics for the Professional Sales Person 

Track #2 

Optional lessons for facilitators:

Lesson-206: Menta-Morphosis ® Part One

Lesson-44: Menta-Morphosis ® Part Two

Lessons for Sales People

Lesson-36:  Achieve Instant Rapport with Anyone

Lesson-2-T:  Building Positive Business Relationships – Part 1

 Lesson-3-T: Building Positive Business Relationships – Part 2

 Lesson-4-T:  Mastering Your Most Powerful Sales Tool – Part 1

 Lesson-5-T: Mastering Your Most Powerful Sales Tool – Part 2

 Lesson-27:  Overcoming Time Wasters for Sales People



Granted, we are only four months into our new program, but the results are astonishing…sales are up 79% and to go along with that, our cost of sales is down 9.1% and individual margins are up over 1%.”

Coby Martin

President, D.C. Martin & Sons Scales, Inc.