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The best sales people, and the best sales teams, plan precisely for the investment of their sales time. Let us show them how.

Strategic Planning Lessons for Sales People

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Lesson-21 Goal-setting for Sales People (audio; 43 minutes) $24.00
The starting point for strategic planning is to articulate what it is you want to do. And that means setting goals, for your personal life as well as your sales job. Here’s how to do so.
Lesson-28 Strategic Planning for Sales People (audio; 52 minutes) $24.00
Once a year, hold a personal planning retreat get yourself organized and focused for the coming year. This lesson describes the specifics of this important planning process.
Lesson-37 How to Master Key Account Selling (audio; 52 minutes) $24.00
Key accounts present some unique challenges. Here’s how to effectively plan to turn the potential into huge revenue producers.
Facilitator’s version: How to Master Key Account Selling (Lesson-37T) $39.00
Lesson-58 Planning Every Sales Call (video; 29 minutes) $24.00
Facilitator’s version: Planning Every Sales Call (Lesson-58T) $39.00
Lesson-55 Analyze and Prioritize your Accounts: The Most Powerful Time Management Strategy for Sales People (video; 44 minutes) $24.00
Facilitator’s version: Analyze and Prioritize your Accounts: The Most Powerful Time Management Strategy for Sales People (Lesson- 55T) $39.00

Note: Each lesson allows one person to take the lesson twice. The facilitator’s versions provide specific directions to the local manager or facilitator to hold a small group training meeting, using the lesson materials, and may be accessed twice.

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Lesson 190: Penetrating Key Accounts

Lesson 28: Planning for Sales People

Lesson 22: Time Management for Sales People

Lesson 28: Planning for Sales People

Note: These lessons are combinations of text and/or audio files that complement the lesson.

I am pleased to tell you how well the… program went, and how well it was received. As I recall, you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force. I don’t think we knew exactly what to expect, but we sure were happy with the results. This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of our sales staff was excellent. You addressed our expressed needs, provided valuable support material, did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, and everyone’s comments were very positive. Among the best things we gained was the strategy for better analyzing territories and clients into priority groups – ABC; and how dealing with different personalities is as important as dealing with different product requirements. We now have a great foundation from which to work. I appreciate your help in constructing it and will recommend you to others. In the future, we will think of you first as our training partner.”

Allen Gage

President of Sales &Marketing, Tri-West, Ltd.