Sales Manager’s Track

A specific set of resources designed to enable new and existing sales managers to use their time more effectively, become more confident, and lead their sales teams to a higher level of performance.

Each sales manager subscribing to the track may review these resources on his/her own schedule, 24/7. The subscription to the track renews every month for just $74, and can be cancelled at any time.  Buy it now!

  • Sales Manager’s Assessment: Compare your practices to the best practices of the best sales managers.
  • Course: How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Sales Person.
    A step by step guide to hiring your next sales person. This is how you do it well, with detailed descriptions of how to excel at every step in the process. Learn more here.
  • These stand-alone lessons:
    1. Menta-Morphosis® Part 1: Cluster CL-87
      Describes our patented learning system for continuous personal improvement
    2. Menta-Morphosis® Part 2: Pod-44
      How you can use Menta-Morphosis in every sales meeting to create written, public statements of positive changes from every sales person. This is the ultimate development tool.
    3. Cluster CL-78: Some ideas on the issue of salespeople collecting past due receivables.
    4. Cluster CL-79: Issues relating to sales force compensation.
    5. Cluster CL-80: How to organize better sales meetings.
    6. Nugget N-37: Q&A – Goal Setting for Sales Managers.
    7. Nugget N-200: How to Get Them to Do What You Want Them to.