This program will directly affect the way in which I do my job. I believe it will also help me focus on what is really important and prioritize some of the items that waste my item with no real benefit to me, my staff, or the bottom line. Bill Sadler

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Small Business Sales Systems for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Small Business Owners 

Wouldn’t it be great If selling your product or service was as easy as providing it?

Alas, the world is full of professionals and small businesses who are great at providing a product or service, but who struggle with creating a market for it.

We can help.  We’ve helped literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of professionals and small business owners build sustainable sales systems that have grown their business and helped them reach their potential.  Review some of our testimonials here.

Our approach is to help you create methodical, reproducible small business sales systems that can be counted on to produce sales results regularly and predictably.

Our practices and small business sales systems have emerged out of 25 years of personal experience, working with organizations ranging in size from one person to thousands of employees.

Read author Dave Kahle’s credentials here.  Review over 250 signed letters of recommendation here.

You’ll find many of the concepts and principles contained in the book, How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime, and the e-book:  Sell Better:  How to create a sales system to grow your business.

You can purchase any of these lessons individually, as well as all our lessons in fundamental sales skills, or purchase any of the courses listed below.

Stand alone lessons for professionals and small business owners:

Stand Alone Lessons- for professionals and small business owners

Lesson 167: Sales Systems- Part 1

Introduction to Sales Systems  Buy it Now!  $24

Lesson 168: Kahle's Kalculation

How to measure the productivity of your sales system, and every part of it.  Buy it Now!  $24

Pod 169: Lifetime Value of a Customer

How to calculate the lifetime value of a customer, and how to use that data to inform decisions about your sales system.  Buy it Now! $24

Lesson 170: Sales Systems- Part 2

Understanding the fundamental sales processes, and begin to apply them to your business. Buy it Now! $24

Lesson 171: It's all about the RISK

Understanding the key issue in the mind of the customer, and begin to apply it to your business. Buy it Now! $24

Lesson 172: Sales Systems- Part 3

Understanding the practice of identifying the right people, and applying that to the process of acquiring a customer. Buy it Now! $24

Lesson 173: Allocating executive resources: sales system

How to decide which resources you should apply to the task of creating and refining your sales system.  Buy it Now $24

Lesson 174: Sales Systems- Part 4

Drilling deeper into identifying the right people, taking it to the level of the individual. Buy it Now! $24

Lesson 164: Power Prospecting

The first steps to prospect better. Buy it Now!   $24

Lesson 21: Goal Setting

How to set goals for every area of your life, including your sales performance.  Buy it Now! $24

Courses for professional and small business owners:

C 11: How to Grow your Sales More Predictably by Creating and Implementing Effective Sales Systems Learn More C 5: The Kahle Way® Sales Management System Learn More C 6: How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Sales Person Learn More C 7: How to Create a Win/Win Sales Compensation Plan Learn More