I think this program will help new salespeople find ways to open doors as well as help existing salespeople refocus on the basics to increase business! 

Josh Borgstrom

Lancaster Inc.

Corporate Sales Trainer

Welcome to the mother load of sales development content.

If anyone can make the job of a corporate sales trainer easier, it’s The Sales Resource Center®. With access to our huge database of sales courses, and audio/video lessons, we can help any sales trainer do their job more effectively. Not only do we provide extensive sales training courses to help salespeople increase their sales potential, but we also have courses geared toward managing sales teams and improving management skill. Let us help you improve your corporate sales training program.

All together, the amount of sales training materials available to you in the Sales Resource Center® is overwhelming. 435 learning units created for sales people, sales managers, and sales executives. That includes over 150 audio and video lessons. A like number of articles, all organized to make them instantly available. Seven multi-session courses. Imagine the hours you’d have to spend scouring the Internet, wading through thousands of ineffective sales tools to find one good program specific to your issues. The time investment alone is enough to significantly impact your performance.

You’ll find these aspects of The Sales Resource Center® especially compelling:

  1. Individually designed learning plans. Our best practice behavioral assessments measure the salesperson’s practices. You can have each sales person take the assessment, or you can do it for an entire sales team. The resulting bar graph will display a profile of strengths and weaknesses, and make a set of recommendations for a learning plan tailored to the needs of that particular human being.
  2. Training sessions designed for a facilitator. Fifty-six (56) of the Pods are designed for use by a trainer or facilitator. They come with step-by-step directions, so that anyone can facilitate a 60 – 90 minute training session, using the content in The Sales Resource Center®. Just look for the -T in the number, which designates a program designed to be facilitated.
  3. Comprehensive training courses. Our Kahle Way® Selling System courses are comprehensive, proven, powerful and practical. You’ll note the educationally valid components, as they were developed by Dave Kahle, who owns a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. The content is in a league of its own.
  4. Accountability. Most of the pods have quizzes associated with them. The major courses all have exams, and those who pass are eligible for certification. You can be credentialed as a “learning manager” and have access to all the information you’d want: The time spent on the site, the units taken, and the scores on quizzes and exams.
  5. Flexible, customizable Learning Action Plans. We create and add LAPs every month. Designed to provide learning solutions to common sales-force problems and situations, these multi-session plans provide you with prescriptions to solve the most pressing sales force issues. Send us your issue, and we’ll create a customized learning action plan for your team. You’ll look like a hero!
  6. Pinpointed learning content. Our PIQs describe common problems, issues or questions from the sales person’s perspective, and point to a specific learning unit, or set units. This allows us to deliver pin-pointed learning to the specific issue that is upper-most on the sales person’s mind.


For only $97 a month, you get unlimited access to everything in The Sales Resource Center. It is an incredible value. For example, the Kahle Way® B2B Selling System, which sells for $326 is yours for no additional cost. The Sales Management course, which sells for $495, is also yours at no additional cost. These are just two examples of content you can get for a mere $97 a month. Audio, video, text – everything you need for one low monthly fee. All online and all accessible at any time of any day. Unlimited access.  Learn more here.