Directions to the training facilitator for the
Monthly Development program

1. Register for the program:

a. Select the series you want: Sales Foundations, or Sales Mastery.
b. Select the duration you want; three months, six months, one year.

2. To facilitate the training program:

a. Before the session, make sure you have adequate equipment: speakers on your computer, and a monitor large enough for everyone to see. If you have a large group, consider using a projector connected to the computer to project the image onto a screen.
b. Open the lesson, find the handouts and print a copy for each person.
c. When the group is together, pass out the handouts and place the audio or video lesson. The handouts contain a fill-in-the-blank section that tracks with the lesson.
d. After the lesson, refer to the ‘discussion guide,’ and run the discussion just like this…

1. Ask everyone to write down one or two good ideas they may have gotten from the lesson. Give everyone a few minutes to do that.
2. Ask each person to share his/her good ideas, and write them down on an easel or whiteboard.
3. Then, ask each person to select the one idea that is the:
a. easiest for them to implement
b. quickest for them to implement.
c.  will have the fastest impact
d. for which they are most passionate.
4. Ask each person to share his/her work with the group.
5. Now, ask each person to write down the one idea that seems to be the best for them.
6. Have each person turn that idea in to a prescription for their changed behavior by writing a commitment   beginning with the words, “I will….”
7. Have each person share that commitment with the group.
8. If you are using the Kahle Way® Sales Management System, tell them to transpose that commitment to the ‘Personal Development” section of their monthly plan, and then hold them accountable to that in your monthly conference.