Course: How to Create a Win/Win Sales Compensation Plan

Creating a new sales compensation plan can be one of the riskiest initiatives you undertake. Yet most sales compensation plans are outmoded vestiges of days gone by. Make use of this program to guide you through the process, reduce your risks, and insure that you make the best decisions. Let Dave show you to create a win/win formula.

A company concerned about revising its sales compensation plan has several options: learn by trial and error, attend expensive one or two day workshops, or hire consultants to help them. This kit provides a far more cost-effective option than these other high risk, high cost solutions.

Total: Six hours, 27 minutes of instructional time.  You have access to the course for six months.

Your investment:  $244

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A very informative seminar for both newcoming salespeople and seasoned veterans.”

Jason Weiser

Hughes Supply Inc.