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Improving your sales team has never been easier, more economical, and more predictable. Take your sales force to a higher level with our uniquely designed online sales training programs.

Online Sales Training

Online Sales training

Lead Your Team to Sell Better Than Ever Before.

You will get the best practices of B2B and Wholesaler Distributor online sales training in a simple and understandable sales system. Our Immersion Methodology is unique and delivers the content in bite-size pieces. Application exercises help embed the processes and practices into sales behavior. Our monthly AEF meetings (Accountability, Encouragement, Follow-Up) ensure that the concepts are turned into changed behavior. As a result, we provide exceptional results. 100% Free Preview.

B2B Selling

Proprietary B2B Sales Strategies to bring dramatic results to You and Your Team.

For over 30 years we have helped B2B sales teams perform at higher levels. We’ve compiled a set of the most effective principles, processes, practices and tools into a B2B selling system that can enhance a career and transform a sales team. Read the testimonials. Our results are exceptional! We don’t just teach you to sell, we empower you to Sell Better.

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B2B Selling
Distributor Wholesaler Selling

Wholesaler Distributor Selling

Proprietary Wholesaler Distributor Sales Systems that bring You exceptional results.

Few sales trainers understand the unique challenges of the wholesaler distributor sales process.  For decades we’ve empowered distributor salesforces with a selling system that is based on the unique sales process of multiple calls, with multiple products, to a defined customer base.  We’ve compiled a set of the most effective principles, processes, practices and tools into a wholesaler distributor selling system that can enhance a career and transform a sales team. Read the testimonials.  Our results are exceptional! We don’t just teach you to sell, we empower you to Sell Better.

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Online Sales Courses

Online Sales Courses

Practical, proven, online selling courses that use our proprietary Immersion™ methodology.

We enhance our online sales training courses with: weekly content to keep it on top of the salesperson’s mind, application exercises to help him / her convert the ideas into action, and monthly AEF (Accountability, Encouragement, Follow Up) meetings to embed the system into habits to last a lifetime. The results are exceptional.

Sales Program

Sales Program

Immersion™ Sales Training changes behavior, embeds habits, and changes culture.

The world is full of online sales training programs that transmit information. We change behavior. We begin with powerful, proven content, communicate it expertly, deliver it with our unique Immersion methodology, and combine it all into a system that changes behavior and transforms a company’s sales culture.

Selling Courses

Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses designed to create positive change in the practices of the sales person.

Most sales training courses focus on the basics of selling. We go way beyond that to provide proven practices, processes and tools into a selling system that brings exceptional results. Our content has been proven with hundreds of companies, thousands of sales managers, and thousands of salespeople. Our methodology is unique and focuses on changing the salesperson’s behavior and instilling habits that will enhance a career for a lifetime. Other people can teach you to sell. We empower you to Sell Better!

Sales Skills

Planning & preparing, targeting accounts, key account penetration – these sales skills take sales to a new level.

Way beyond the basics, we provide higher-level sales skills to vault results to exceptional levels. Lots of people can teach you the basics of selling. We enhance those basics with proven strategies to target accounts, acquire new customers, penetrate key accounts, manage time more strategically, and more.  The results put our training in a class by itself.

Sales Process For

Sales Process For…

Key, proven higher-level sales processes. We show you how to do it, not just what to do.

Step-by-step, how-to processes for building relationships, penetrating key accounts, targeting accounts, acquiring new customers, strategically managing time,and key sales skills. It’s one thing to know it and it is another to be able to do it. Our online sales training focuses on changing behavior with our how-to processes.

Job Training For

Job Training For…

Job training for: field salespeople, proactive inside sales people, and sales managers – to help you learn to Sell Better!

Ultimately, the job of the field salesperson and the inside salesperson is to bring revenue into the company. We equip them with a selling system composed of powerful principles, the best practices of their jobs, how-to processes, and proven tools to help them excel at their jobs. Our training goes beyond training people for their jobs, we train them in how to do their jobs well.

Sales Training Programs

Our sales training programs use our proprietary Immersion™ methodology to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

Focusing on core and higher level sales competencies, we provide content that can enhance a salesperson’s efforts no matter how much experience he/she has. Our sales training programs are equally impactful for novices and well established salespeople. All of this is focused on embedding practices that will change behavior and bring greater results for a lifetime.

Sales Courses

Specific courses and selling systems designed to enhance a career and unleash a sales team.

Our online sales training Selling Systems focus on core and higher level competencies that can be applied to every selling situation. Our courses address the most common sales challenges such as: acquiring new customers, time management, and sales management. We can equip your team to overcome any sales hurdle.

Sales Training Testimonials

“30% year on year increase” – Adam Peterson, President, Real IT Solutions

“20% increase… biggest year ever… up 73% in key accounts” – Courtney Enser, VP of Sales, Millcraft

“Transformed our company” – Gabriel Curry, President, Hub Industrail Supply

“five-fold increase…” Jeff Short, K&W Tire Company

"30% year on year Increase"
"up 73% in Key Accounts"
"Transformed our company"
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Client comments

“Dave’s teachings are also practical. As we go through the lessons, questions, practice sheets, and the monthly meetings — there is a dynamic created that goes beyond knowledge… because people are giving input to each other and sharing real life experiences — what’s working, and what’s not working. You might think that this would happen naturally between colleagues; but it doesn’t. My team is really working together to apply the training in ways that are practical. This training has great accountability structure built in and this is part of the reason my team is so motivated in their development. They can’t fake their way through. All the managers, the sales persons, and their peers know whether or not each individual has put in the work and done the training each month.”
Brian Balasko
Vice President of Sales, Modern Builder’s Supply
Immersion online sales training does a great job helping our people qualify accounts, focus on the right accounts, and stop spending time on accounts that are never going to grow. Dave’s training gets you where you need to be. It’s very difficult for sales personalities to change their focus – but the way Dave teaches these things, our sales people are suddenly able to change their paradigms. Dave’s Immersion almost rewires their brains, to the point that they’re open to suggestions. Sales people often form bad habits that stick with them for life. Some of the more experienced sales people can spin their wheels on accounts that suck the life out of them. Dave’s training has helped immensely to help them rewire and drop the bad habits. Their eyes are opened and the light bulb comes on.
Rex Ringle
General Manager, Millcraft
“Before Immersion we were doing things via intuition, almost flying by the seat of our pants – without structure. Immersion has helped us organized ourselves and get a plan together that helps our sales people how to prioritize and understand the expectations. This is really helping. We recently onboarded a new sales person, and had them use the Immersion Catch-Up System. They were blown away by how powerful this was to get them started in their new position. Things are so much smoother now, and there’s better collaboration and communication.”
Sarita Coutts
Marketing Director, McKenna Distribution