Improving your sales team has never been easier, more economical, and more predictable. Take your sales force to a higher level with our uniquely designed sales training programs.

                                              Proven, powerful content which is designed to improve results through

changed  behavior.  

               Our unique ‘immersion’ methodology makes learning easy and improves results.  



The content is specifically designed for:

* B2B Sales Forces

* Distributor Sales Forces

* Sales Leaders

*  Entrepreneurs and Small business owners.

Online sales training programs

  • Available 24/7 online – over 400 online sales training lessons.
  • Content for:
    • Newly hired sales people
    • Established veterans
    • Sales managers
    • Chief Sales Officers and Business Owners
  • Individual self-study formats as well as small group training formats
  • Sales training courses developed by Dave Kahle – proven, powerful, and practical.

Other people can teach you to sell. We teach you how to sell better!

“Dave’s teachings are also practical. As we go through the lessons, questions, practice sheets, and the monthly meetings — there is a dynamic created that goes beyond knowledge… because people are giving input to each other and sharing real life experiences — what’s working, and what’s not working. You might think that this would happen naturally between colleagues; but it doesn’t. My team is really working together to apply the training in ways that are practical.


This training has great accountability structure built in and this is part of the reason my team is so motivated in their development. They can’t fake their way through. All the managers, the sales persons, and their peers know whether or not each individual has put in the work and done the training each month.”


– Brian Balasko, Vice President of Sales, Modern Builder’s Supply

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Or- have us create customized solution for you.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and then develop a multi-media approach with the right combination of sales resources:

  • Live in-person presentations
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Online sales training lesson
  • Behavioral assessment

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Immersion does a great job helping our people qualify accounts, focus on the right accounts, and stop spending time on accounts that are never going to grow. Dave’s training gets you where you need to be. It’s very difficult for sales personalities to change their focus – but the way Dave teaches these things, our sales people are suddenly able to change their paradigms. Dave’s Immersion almost rewires their brains, to the point that they’re open to suggestions. Sales people often form bad habits that stick with them for life. Some of the more experienced sales people can spin their wheels on accounts that suck the life out of them. Dave’s training has helped immensely to help them rewire and drop the bad habits. Their eyes are opened and the light bulb comes on.


Rex Ringle, General Manager, Millcraft

This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted.  …you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force.

Allen Gage

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tri West, Ltd.

The Sales Resource Center focuses on results
Other training options try to instill knowledge.  We train people in practices, processes and behaviors. In business, results come from what you do, not what you know.
The Sales Resource Center is Actionable
Our entire system is designed to create positive change in the practices of the sales person.  We methodically move from idea to action. .
The Sales Resource Center utilizes proprietary methodology
Our unique immersion methodology helps learners to absorb information in multiple pieces over 30-day modules.  Learn more here.
The Sales Resource Center is Economical
Courses range from $19.47 to $24.97 per month, per student.  That’s about what you’d pay for a nice lunch.  The first month is free, and you can cancel at any time.