Improving your sales team has never been easier, more economical, and more predictable. Take your sales force to a higher level with our uniquely designed sales training programs.

Proven, powerful content which is designed to improve results through changed behavior.  Our unique ‘immersion’ methodology makes learning easy and improves results.   The content is specifically designed for:

* B2B Sales Forces

* Distributor Sales Forces

* Sales Leaders

*  Entrepreneurs and Small business owners.

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Customized online sales training programs

  • Content which is assembled specifically for your company’s individual circumstances,

Including specific recommendations for sales teams and individual sales people.

  • Available 24/7 online – over 400 online sales training lessons.
  • Content for:
    • Newly hired sales people
    • Established veterans
    • Sales managers
    • Chief Sales Officers and Business Owners
  • Individual self-study formats as well as small group training formats
  • Quizzes, exams and certificates.
  • Sales training courses developed by Dave Kahle – proven, powerful, and practical.

Other people can teach you to sell. We teach you how to sell better!

Begin by reviewing a sample of some of our online sales training programs, specifically designed for your selling situation:

Small business owner

Sales leaders

Distributor sales

B2B sales

Or- have us create customized solution for you.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and then develop a multi-media approach with the right combination of sales resources:

  • Live in-person presentations
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Online sales training lessons
  • Quizzes and exams
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Certifications

Our online sales training programs content ranges from basic sales competencies, to sophisticated practices of the best, and even includes sales management practices. Click here.

This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted.  …you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force.

Allen Gage

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tri West, Ltd.

The Sales Resource Center is Measurable

Quizzes, exams and behavioral assessments measure learning

The Sales Resource Center is Actionable

Our Menta-Morphosis® Serendipity Learning System stimulates action plans and focuses on changed behavior.

The Sales Resource Center is Individualized

Individual assessments and our unique PIQs and Learning Action Plans allow for individually-focused learning.

The Sales Resource Center is Economical

Purchase just one lesson, combinations and courses, or one monthly subscription, with quantity discounts for multiple subscriptions which allows you access to the entire resource center.

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