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The Kahle Way® Sales Management System

Empower sales managers with a system to provide direction, accountability and feedback to sales people – all in a minimum amount of time.
The Kahle Way Sales Management System helps managers make the best use of their time, while keeping their sales team focused and well directed. This sales management training program will equip managers with the ability to:
  • Focus and direct each individual salesperson
  • Create a climate of mutual respect
  • Teach sales people to think strategically
  • Stay in contact with changes in the market
  • Stay in constant contact with the sales team
  • Maintain regular and structured direction and feedback from everyone
  • Refocus sales people on the highest priority activities every month
  • Provide their team with a sense of ownership – of their performance and their results


The focus is on fully equipping sales managers to implement five key practices. Each practice is described in detail, combined with a step-by-step process, and supported with a set of tools. As a result, managers leave the course fully equipped to implement the system and make immediate, positive results in their sales teams.


The course consists of six lessons. Each lesson has a video and a set of handouts which are downloaded and printed.