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You Can Establish a Culture of Continuous B2B Sales Growth in Your Sales Team!

Wholesaler Distributor Sales Training


The Kahle Way® Distributor Selling System Immersion Program

Implement a selling system into your sales force and dramatically increase your sales and market share.
       “five-fold increase…”  Jeff Short, K&W Tire Company

          “20% increase…biggest year ever…up 73% in key accounts…” Courtney Enser, Millcraft

          “30% year on year increase…”  Adam Peterson, Real IT Solutions

Transform the culture of your organization into an accountable, performance-oriented selling force.

                “transformed our company…”  Eric Leggert, Modern Builders Supply

                “catapulted into a new level of selling…” Courtney Enser, Millcraft

Instill continuous improvement into your organization as a daily expectation and regular conversation.

“opened up our team to thinking differently…great to see our senior sales reps…sharpen the saw…”  Courtney Enser, Millcraft

Wholesaler Distributor Selling...

Not Just Sales Skills & Techniques - A Transformation in Selling...

Authored by the world’s most widely recognized authority on distributor sales: Dave Kahle. Dave has written four books for the distributor sales channel, has appeared in front of the conferences of 89 national associations, and personally worked with over 429 individual companies.









In his first career as a sales person, Dave Kahle was the number one sales person in the nation for two different companies, in two distinct selling situations. That led to his second career as a sales authority.

As a sales authority, Dave has written 13 books, which have been translated into eight languages and available in 20 countries, and presented over 1,000 times in 47 states and 11 countries.  He’s trained literally tens of thousands of sales people to sell better, thousands of sales managers to manage better, and has worked personally and contractually with over 459 companies.


Dave Kahle ranks in the TOP 30 of Time Management category for Global Gurus ranking 2019. The Time Management category site receives over 75,000 visits per month.

We’ll help You become a Sales Distribution Hero!

We’ve done it with 1000’s of VPs and Sales Managers…

“Immersion is bringing consistency to our sales teams company wide. Before Immersion, every group was doing their own thing, in their own way… but now we have unification. We have the Immersion conference calls each month where we get to speak with other sales professionals that we don’t see on a regular basis – and we realize that Immersion is relevant as we are experiencing the same obstacles, day in and day out. Immersion brings the Sales Managers and Sales Persons together, in a way that fosters great communication. We’re able to ascertain and articulate our best practices and what works / what doesn’t work. We can have all these different personalities in the room and yet, we can all implement what Dave Kahle brings to the table. Our company has tried a lot of different development and a lot of different approaches over the years; this is the one training that has really had a positive impact. Everyone is embracing it. “

– Kellie Kenniston, Sales Manager

“Dave does a good job with the what, the where, the when, and the who – but what’s really valuable is that he does a fantastic job helping my team understand THE WHY. That is helping them create some very valuable logical connections about what we are trying to accomplish. It’s really helped us to carve time to continually: Plan > View > Adjust. Then Immersion gives us these triggers that help us go back, think about this again, and then Re-plan, Re-view, and Re-adjust – that’s where we really see benefit. This helps us ensure that we keep our initiatives front and center and helps us to make sure to do the things that we need to get done. During the Immersion meetings, I integrate our goals and numbers, and the Immersion training, from the previous month and the upcoming month. We are very scorecard driven and use those numbers in combination with the upcoming month’s Immersion training. How did we do with last month’s numbers, what can we implement from the previous month’s training, what are our goals for next month’s numbers, and how do we integrate the upcoming Immersion development to hit those numbers.”

– Scott Eisenmann, Sales Manager

“Previous trainings we did often had lessons with 3-hour videos where we were listening to a talking head. But with Immersion the content is broken down into easily digestible steps. This development has enabled us to brining all our branches into the fold – that has been amazing. This is truly helping to build the team and to build cooperation. There was separation before.  Many of our employees have been with us 30 and 40 years. They’ve seen things come and go. We had sales and operations silos and it was causing team problems and accountability / motivation problems. Dave’s training sped up the whole process of integrating and building our teams. The managers are very engaged and sharing professional wisdom that is building and helping the whole team. Immersion gives managers a platform to share valuable insights with each other such as: how to deal with other managers, how to lead subordinates, and it’s also giving us the platform for information sharing and knowing what is going on in the whole company. Immersion is great and I want to extend it deeper into our company.”

– Bob Lewis, Sales Manager

“Immersion is really forcing us to step back and look at our approach to sales. Where most of us a had a shotgun splatter approach (make contact with as many people as possible and hopefully converting a good percentage), this is a much more focused approach. As a result of Dave’s training, we are analyzing accounts, looking at which ones spend, which ones have potential for growth, highlighting smaller accounts with great future potential … this is teaching us how to refocus our outside staff on the right things in order to grow our business. Now we are really being strategic about how we spend our time, and who we spend it with. I also like the step by step nature and the obvious building blocks that Immersion uses. Immersion makes our progression very evident, and does this in a very connected and thorough way. I think this training is great. When I speak with other managers using Immersion, I can really hear their enthusiasm for all their successes from the training. It is very well received and really starting to pay dividends. This has been the perfect program for us and I’m so glad we invested in this development.”

– Adam Weiser, Sales Manager

“Immersion is great and I want to extend it deeper into our company.”
– Bob Lewis, Sales Manager

Distributor sales training course:

The content is divided into two major sections:
Getting Ready! – help sales people learn to organize and plan effectively.
Getting to It! – help sales people master the four face-to-face selling competencies.

This is the gold standard for distributor sales training.  Sixteen powerful, proven modules teach the best practices of the best sales people.
This course can change a sales person’s career.

Module 1

Introduction to the selling system and the fundamental sales success strategy for our times

Module 2

How to set goals for every area of your life, including your sales performance.

Module 3

How to become organized for success.

Module 4

The most powerful time management strategy for sales people.

Module 5

How to understand, and plan for, the penetration of key accounts.

Module 6

How to refresh and refocus yourself every month.

Module 7

Learn a unique and useful way to understand and plan for every aspect of a sales call.

Module 8

How to connect with your customer by making everyone comfortable with you.

Module 9

How to connect with your customer by building positive business relationships.

Module 10

How to prepare better sales questions.

Module 11

How to use questions more effectively.

Module 12

How to plan to increase the quantity and quality of your presentations.

Module 13

How to deliver a persuasive presentation.

Module 14

How to understand closing in a practical, common sense way.

Module 15

How to deal with your customer’s concerns effectively.

Module 16

Summary of the selling system.


EACH MONTH, sales people are “immersed” into one principle and best practice. The content is designed for the active sales person in the field, with practical exercises and applications

EACH WEEK, every sales person receives an email containing a link to a multimedia file. In this way, we accommodate every learning style, and keep the content on the top if the sales person’s mind. Typically, they receive a video, a blog post, a podcast, a set of exercises, and an application exercise.

The SALES MANAGER receives everything the sales person does, as well as an end-of-the-month set of questions to use in a monthly AEF meeting (Accountability / Encouragement / Follow-up). These AEF meetings:
– hold the sales person accountable.
– provide an opportunity for the sales manager to share wisdom.
– allow the sales team to learn from one another.
– are 1 hour, once per month.




Ten Commandments of an Ethical Salesperson – Sales is a profession that is ripe with temptation.  Salespeople deal with a lot of people, and a lot of money. Either one of those by itself presents a challenge.  Add them together and it can be overwhelming.  Here are some guidelines to help you stay on the right side. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/ethical-sales



The Ultimate Business Survival Skill – Purposeful Learning – I am convinced that the process of continuously improving – not only professionally in the core competencies of a professional sales person, but also personally as well – is the ultimate success skill for our time. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/purposeful-learning


Investing Time in Customers – My response to this  question: Our “A” customers do 90% of our business.  How much time or effort would you put into your “B” customers to bring them up to “A” customers? www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/investing-time-customersB2B Sales Myths: Great Relationships – The sales profession is replete with myths that salespeople tell themselves, and then believe, that hinder their performance.  This is the first of series on these myths.  In this piece, we look at the idea that “I have great relationships with my customers.” www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/sales-myths-b2b-great-relationships

B2B Sales Myths: Great Relationships – The sales profession is replete with myths that salespeople tell themselves, and then believe, that hinder their performance.  This is the first of series on these myths.  In this piece, we look at the idea that “I have great relationships with my customers.” www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/sales-myths-b2b-great-relationships



Strategic Planning for Salespeople – In a misguided attempt to stay busy and see as many people as possible, too many salespeople subscribe to the theory that any activity is good activity. Strategic planning helps them confront the overwhelming number of potential “things to do,” and that requires them to make decisions about which customers in which to invest their time, to prioritize their activities every day, and to continually choose from a menu of possible activities. In other words, sales people must now engage in strategic planning. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/podcast/strategic-planning-for-salespeople



Is the Sales Selling System the Solution? – At its most fundamental level, sales and business is always only about three things: money, people and systems. There is a huge body of content revolving around money in business. When it comes to people, as an element in business, there is an equally impressive body of knowledge and infrastructure. That is not the case for systems, however. And yet effective systems are, at the very least, just as necessary to the growth and health of a business as good people and adequate funds. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/podcast/is-the-system-the-solution


Preparing Better Sales Questions – One of the most powerful sales tools for a professional sales person is a powerfully phrased question.  They don’t generally come out of the blue, on the spur of the moment. Rather, professional sales people take the time to prepare their major questions word for word. Here’ s how to do it. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/podcast/preparing-better-sales-questions


The Four Biggest Time Wasters for Salespeople – The quickest way to improve your performance is to improve your use of time. Salespeople are often guilty of these four common time wasting habits. See if you are guilty of any of them, and then eliminate them to improve your sales results. www.thesalesresourcecenter.com/podcast/the-four-biggest-time-wasters-for-salespeople