Immersion Methodology2

Kahle Way® Sales System’s Immersion™ Methodology

There is a huge difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing.’ Far too many sales programs are based on the idea that transferring information from one person to another is sufficient. Academic programs focus on knowledge and quizzes — but in the real world of sales, you attain results by what you DO. Effective sales training builds practices, processes, and habits and changes behavior.

1. Powerful, Proven Content – We’ve been working with B2B sales forces since 1988.  We’ve refined sales systems to those that are proven to have the biggest impact on a salesperson’s performance.  There is nothing theoretical about our content – it’s been lived out by tens of thousands of salespeople.  This is not about selling – it’s about Selling Better!

2. Video lessons – Every module begins with a major video session, complemented by a pdf handout which includes copies of the slides, worksheets, associated tools, and the assignment.  This allows the salesperson to review the material multiple times, on their own schedule. 

3. Practical Assignments – Our focus is on changing behavior, creating positive habits and instilling powerful disciplines.  Every assignment assumes the salesperson is currently selling and each lesson is lived out on the job.  This is not an academic exercise; this is real-world practice.

Powerful, proven sales training content, communicated in a simple way and easy to implement...

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4. Weekly Input via Multiple Media – We use ‘spaced repetition’ – which refers to multiple exposures to the content, using both printed text and audio files – to reinforce the content and keep it top of mind. This makes it easier for the salesperson to grasp, and increases ownership. Learning is easier!

5. Monthly AEF meetings – Sales training is always more effective if the manager is involved.  We script a month-end meeting for the manager to facilitate. The AEF (Accountability, Encouragement, Follow -Up) Meeting brings the team together to review and learn from each other.  This adds a layer of gravity and accountability that makes changing sales behavior far more effective.