Sales Force Immersion

Moving you from ideas to action

Programs for Sales Forces

We have trained literally tens of thousands of B2B salespeople to be more effective over the past 25 years.  Over that time, we’ve learned some things about improving the productivity of a salesperson.

  • A live presentation, while inspirational, rarely makes lasting change by itself. However, coupled with an ongoing series of training events, it can be a powerful stimulus.
  • Salespeople learn best when the content is reinforced and delivered in multiple ways and in small bits.  That’s why we deliver one piece of training content each week.
  • Salespeople learn best when their manager is involved in the process. That’s why the sales manager receives everything that the salesperson receives, and we equip him/her with a set of questions to use to discuss each month’s content.
  • Salespeople learn best when they have an opportunity to apply what they are learning to their own customers.  That’s why every module has an application exercise, and every manager is equipped to follow up on that.