Sales Leader’s

 Excellence and 

Influence Course


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A four-month cohort designed to empower sales leaders to excel at their positions. This is a rare opportunity to...

• Engage in live small-group ZOOM meetings with our Experts (more below)

• Gain the skills, concepts and tools to become an excellent sales leader

• Make a measurable impact on your sales team

• Acquire concepts and skills that will serve you well for the rest of your career

• Gain solutions to your most pressing problems

• Network with other sales leaders

• Become more confident in your ability to lead

• Expand your influence with all those around you


With our team of experts on your side, you’ll become a hero in your organization. 


Dave Kahle’s course on the Sales Management System is a must for all sales managers. The process that is learned is for not just the new manager but those who have been in their profession for years.  Since a sales manager will only achieve their goals through other people, this course helps take you through what every sales manager needs to know.” – Rick Woltjer, Lumbermen’s, Inc.

Some of the content and facilitators

I. KWSMS with Dave Kahle

The Kahle Way® Sales Management System with Dave Kahle
Learn how to create annual goals with your sales team. Master the Kahle Way® Monthly meeting format, with tools and forms. Build in Accountability, communication and trust with a proven system. Construct a system for training new salespeople, and every salesperson in a new product. Begin immediately to challenge and develop your sales team to improve themselves. Create some criteria to guide your decision about terminating a salesperson. Gain a proven process for hiring good salespeople.

II. Coaching & Counseling with Dave Kahle

Keep your team at the top of their game by coaching and counseling with excellence.
Gain a template to make coaching salespeople easy and effective. Dig deeply into your role when a salesperson has problems outside of the job. Gain some objective measurements for evaluating a salesperson’s performance.

III. Assessments with scott david

How assessments can help you create an exceptional sales team.
Learn what makes a good inside salesperson vs. outside salesperson. Can/should a particular outside salesperson be considered to move them to inside sales? And vice-versa. Ascertain what to look for and how to ‘screen’ both: new hire prospects, and current salespeople. Learn how the right assessment can literally save you millions of dollars.

IV. Servant Leadership with Max cates

Servant Leadership for sales leaders.
Learn techniques being used by today’s successful servant leaders to transform sales teams from mediocre to exemplary. Discover how to transcend “old school” sales management techniques to create a sales team that is accountable and passionate to succeed. Gain “soft” selling skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy that work effectively with new versions of “hard” selling skills. Find ways to multiply your impact through collaboration and teamwork.


You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a one-hour, one-on-one coaching call in the final two weeks of the program.

You'll be awarded a certificate after completion of the course (must attend at least two of the five live Zoom meetings).

In addition to the course modules, you’ll be able to post questions and comments in these topic areas: -Managing the underperforming salesperson. -Leading the superstar salesperson. -Salesforce compensation. -Leading effective meetings.


“Dave Kahle instructed our entire group of sales managers and branch managers — approximately 130 individuals. Bringing an experienced North American Sales Management team together for training of sales management was philosophically challenging.  Many managers questioned the value of taking two days out of the field. There were no such questions after the program. They were unanimous in their praise We have never had such an immediate, positive and measurable result from any training. This has been the single most significant investment in training we have ever made.  It’s changed the nature of communication within our sales team in such a way that we expect better sales rep retention rates, more highly motivated managers and sellers, a greater degree of accountability and, yes, increased profitable sales as a result!” William A. Fidler, Executive Vice President, Brenntag – North America, Inc.





You’ll be granted access to the XI Community.  There, you’ll be prompted to engage with the content – video and audio files, exercises and live Zoom meetings, and interact with experts and colleagues. You’ll have access to the material 24/7. 



After you complete each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to apply that  principle, practice or process. You’ll be able to post questions, and interact with  other cohort members and our team of experts.



The live zoom meetings are an opportunity to talk over your experiences with the experts and your colleagues, learning from us and each other.



This is practical and results driven training that will allow you to work on your business and career by immediately implementing what you learn.


“Dave Kahle’s Sales Management System is right on target for today’s sales manager. He provides useful tools and a management system that can be implemented right from day-one upon returning to the office.  Highly recommended for those desiring to move their sales force forward in the 21st Century. Well worth the investment!”
– Terry Ralph, W.A. Roosevelt Co.




August 2 – 8: Module 1:  Thinking like a sales leader.

August 9 – August 30:  Module 2:  Creating annual goals with your team. 

August 30:  Live Zoom meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Dave Kahle.]

September 6 – Module 3:  Monthly Kahle Way® meetings

September 24: Live Zoom meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Dave Kahle.]

September 27 – October 8:  Module 4:  Managing the training & development of your team.

October 8:  Live Zoom Meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Dave Kahle.]

October 11:  Module 5:  Coaching & Counseling

October 18 – October 29:  Module 6: When to fire and how to hire good salespeople.

October 29:  Live Zoom meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Dave Kahle.]

November 1:  Module 7:  How assessments can help you create an exceptional sales force.

November 5:  Live Zoom meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Scott David.]

November 8:  Module 8:  Servant Leadership for sales leaders.

November 12:  Live Zoom meeting:  Q & A and roundtable discussion. [Facilitated by Max Cates.]

November 15 – November 30:  Schedule a one-on-one coaching session. 


“This was the most intense, and the most extensive, sales training program we have ever conducted… but I think will prove, without a doubt, to be the most beneficial investment our Company has ever made in our future, its profitability, and in our people.” – R. L. Burdette, President, Nunn Electric Supply Corporation

“This is an extremely simple, yet highly effective system of managing salespeople. Beyond that, I am very impressed with the values built into the program (the counseling section, and the consistent processes which value the overall dignity of the individual while keeping them accountable). This is truly a system I can get behind and learn to master. I look forward to being a part of my salespeople’s development and success.” – John Cobb, Consolidated Supply, Inc. 



Quantity discounts apply to groups of four or more.
Space is limited. Enroll now.

Enroll 1-3 People at $365 each month for four months.


Enroll 1-3 People at $1350 one-time payment.


Contact us to Enroll 4 or more People (Quantity discounts)

Enroll 4 – 8 people at $310 each month for four months (15% discount).
Enroll 4 – 8 people at $1147 each one-time payment (15% discount).
Enroll 9 – 15 people at $292 each month for four months (20% discount).
Enroll 9 – 15 people at $1080 each one-time payment (20% discount).



1.  I’m a new sales manager. Will this course help me?
Absolutely. You’ll gain concepts and practices that will vault your performance years ahead and will serve you well for the balance of your career.


2.  I’ve been a sales manager for a number of years.  What will I gain?
Most of the 2,033 sales managers who have taken the Kahle Way® sales management system course have been existing sales managers with some years of experience. They routinely report an entirely new perspective on their job, specific techniques and processes to lead and hold salespeople accountable, improved communication, greater confidence, and a sense of increased value to the organization.


3.  How much time will this take?
Each of the modules should take about an hour to complete. The applications vary depending on the number of salespeople you manage. The Zoom sessions are 60 minutes.


4.  What if I am on vacation or have a conflict, and am unable to complete the modules on time?
The materials are available 24/7 and will assessable to you for the entire course. You can easily make it up. The Zoom meetings will be recorded and posted. 

5.  Where can I learn about the authors/instructors?

Click on these links: 

Dave Kahle

Scott David

Max Cates

6.  Where can I learn more about the content?
The Kahle Way® Sales Management System

Assessments for Hiring Good Salespeople

Assessments for Maximizing Existing Salespeople

Serve, Lead, Succeed


7.  I have a team of sales managers that I would like to put through this program with just our team. Can you arrange a private version?
Yes. You may want to take advantage of the quantity discounts for the open-enrollment program. If your group is larger, we can arrange a private version of this.  Email to create a time to discuss it.


“This recharged my battery. It’s a rebirth of my thinking processes. It excites me to know I am leaving with new methods to do my job better.” – Larry Smith, CMH Flooring products


“This provided a focused professional means to methodically and successfully approach the sales and sales management functions. All agreed that ‘if you do this stuff it will work.’ I have already seen tangible growth in sales and in professionalism from our team. We are ‘far better today than we were yesterday’ as a result of your training.” – Tom Rosendahl – Sr. Vice President, Dakota Supply Group, Inc.


“This program made me take a close look at my skills at sales management and realize my shortcomings.” – David Halsey, Graybar Electric, Inc.


“I have been in sales for 12 years and I have been a sales manager for 5 years.  The Sales Management System provides focus on my daily responsibilities and allows me to avoid doing busy work.” – Jeff Otteson, Canteen Services


“The Kahle Way of Sales Management was a great eye opener.  I learned there are so many other ways to manage and the simple steps it takes.” – Keith Oosterbaan, Fasteners, Inc.


“Thank you again for a valuable investment in training dollars.  I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.” – Dave Bartholomew, VP Sales & Marketing, Lancaster