The Kahle Way B2B Selling System

Utilizing unique immersion technology to teach the best practices of the best B2B salespeople

The premier multi-media course for B2B sales people. Focused on immediate application, the course teaches the best practices of the best B2B sales people in a step-by-step, easy to digest and easy to implement system. Unleash the potential of your sales team.

The Agenda:

Module one: Introduction to the selling system and the fundamental sales success strategy for our times.

Module two: How to set goals for every area of your life, including your sales performance.

Module three: How to become organized for success.

Module four: The most powerful time management strategy for sales people.

Module five: How to understand, and plan for, the penetration of key accounts.

Module six: How to refresh and refocus yourself every month.

Module seven: Learn a unique and useful way to understand and plan for every aspect of a sales call.

Module eight: How to connect with your customer by making everyone comfortable with you.

Module nine: How to connect with your customer by building positive business relationships.

Module ten: How to prepare better sales questions.

Module eleven: How to use questions more effectively.

Module twelve: How to plan to increase the quantity and quality of your presentations.

Module thirteen: How to deliver a persuasive presentation.

Module fourteen: How to understand closing in a practical, common sense way.

Module fifteen: How to deal with your customer’s concerns effectively.

Module sixteen: Summary of the selling system.

How it works

The sales team is immersed into one topic per month for 16 months. The content is proven and powerful and uniquely created for B2B salespeople by Dave Kahle.  Each salesperson receives a podcast, an article on the subject, an audio or video lesson, an application exercise, a small group conference call with their peers and manager, and an opportunity to interact with the Dave on a quarterly live webinar. All this is delivered directly to the salesperson via email.

The manager or facilitator enrolls in SM 08 – Facilitate, and receives everything the sales team does, plus a set of discussion questions to use to facilitate the end-of-the-month conference call.

What you receive:

  • Sixteen 30-day modules teach the best practices of the best B2B salespeople.
  • Learn the best practices of your profession and become a master salesperson.
  • Master time management and thereby dramatically improve your results!
  • Think about your job more effectively, thereby improving everything you do as a salesperson.
  • Excel at the four fundamental competencies for B2B salespeople, providing you a path to lifetime improvement.
  • 16 video lessons to make it easy to understand powerful concepts.
  • 16 downloadable podcasts you can listen to over and over.
  • 16 application exercises to help you excel at your job.
  • Free live webinar once a quarter. Ask questions and interact with the author and others.
  • Review the content here.

  • No Risk!  Cancel anytime.
  • $23.47 @ month.  Order online and the first month is Free!

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Gay Peeples

Director of Commercial Products, Igloo Products Corp.

Several people remarked that they liked Dave’s way of making sales tasks simpler. Dave explained things that made insurmountable problems seem manageable. Dave’s presentation was eye-opening, useful, refreshing, energizing, valuable and well received.  I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.

Scott Knowles

President, Wolf Creek Distribution