Sales Excellence

Online training in advanced sales concepts and practices for salespeople who want to achieve excellence in their profession

How it works

The sales team is immersed into one topic per month for 24 months. The content is proven and powerful and uniquely created for B2B salespeople by Dave Kahle.  Each salesperson receives a podcast, an article on the subject, an audio or video lesson, an application exercise, a small group conference call with their peers and manager, and an opportunity to interact with Dave on a quarterly live webinar. All this is delivered directly to the salesperson via weekly emails.

The manager or facilitator enrolls in SM 06 – Nurture, and receives everything the sales team does, plus a set of discussion questions to use to facilitate the end-of-the-month conference call.

What you receive:

  • Twenty-four 30-day modules designed for active, experienced salespeople who want to strive for sales excellence.
  • The content focuses on:
    • advanced sales competencies,
    • account management, 
    • self-management
    • time management.
  • Powerful content that can transform a career
  • 10 modules on advanced sales skills
  • 7 modules on advanced account management
  • 7 modules on self-management and time management
  • 24 downloadable podcasts you can listen to over and over again
  • 24 application exercises to help you personalize the content
  • Free live webinar once a quarter. Ask questions and interact with the author and others.
  • $23.47 a month. Billed as a recurring monthly charge
  • No risk!  Cancel anytime.
  • Your first month is free!

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I am pleased to say that we were very happy with the full day session that you presented to S.B. Simpson’s sales force.  The response of our thirty-four salespeople and sales managers was extremely positive.

Scott Simpson

Vice President, S. B Simpson