Online Sales Courses

Take Your Sales Team to Higher Levels with Kahle Way® Immersion™ Sales Training Courses.

World Class Online Sales Training for B2B and Wholesaler Distributors delivered right to your team’s email. Increasing your bottom line and motivating your team has never been easier with Immersion™ Sales Training. No confusing system to navigate — no usernames or passwords — we deliver the training right to your sales people’s inbox so they can get world class development from any device and from any place.

Wholesaler Distributor Sales Training Course

The Kahle Way® Distributor Selling System

For wholesaler-distributor sales forces. Most salespeople don’t know what they don’t know. We deliver proven, powerful best practices and strategies that will transform a sales force and enhance a career. Addresses the unique selling situation of a wholesaler-distributor: Multiple calls to a defined customer base, with an almost unlimited product offering.

B2B Selling System Course

The Kahle Way® B2B Selling System

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Sales Training Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Our Selling Systems Courses can transform a company’s culture and vault sales team performances to exceptional levels.  View comments from some of our clients.

Get New Customers Sales Course

The Sales Masters Approach to Acquiring New Customers

Few salespeople have been trained in the specific activities necessary to regularly and methodically create new customers.  This course fixes that.

Sales Course - Strategic Time Management for Sales People

S T R E T C H – The Strategic Time Management Course for Salespeople

Time management touches almost every aspect of a salesperson’s performance, and is the easiest and quickest way to improved results.

Advanced Sales Training Course

Sales Excellence Advanced Immersion™ Course

Designed to be a next step for sales teams who complete the selling system course, this provides 24 months of continuous development, utilizing our Immersion™ methodology.  We focus on: Advanced Sales Skills / Account Strategies / Self Management / Time Management

What makes The Kahle Way® Immersion™ Sales Training so Powerful?

Sales Management System Course

The Kahle Way® Sales Management System

Few Sales Managers have been trained in the specific disciplines and routines necessary to lead a sales team. This program fixes that. Over 2,000 sales managers have been trained in this system. One of the most powerful training programs we produce.

Sales Systems Selling Course

The Short Course on Creating a Sales System

For business owners and Chief Sales Officers.  This course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating and implementing a system that will bring your business income regularly and predictably.  This is how you manage your business’s sales efforts.