Rapidly Changing Business Complexity

You Can Learn to Navigate the Turbulent Uncertainty and Confusion


We’re living in incredibly turbulent times with many people confirming a pervasive feeling of uncertainty and confusion.

One of the core roots of this uncertainty – is rapid change. The pace of change in every area of our culture is unprecedented in human history.  Never has there been a time in which the world around us has changed so rapidly.


Driving this is the expansion in the amount of information we create. In 1900, the total amount of knowledge available to mankind was doubling about every 500 years. In the year 2000, the quantity of information — was doubling about every two years. Today, according to some, the rate is doubling every 30 days! This information seeps into every aspect of our culture, businesses, and families, and it causes change.

A Powerful, and Proven way to Thrive in this Rapid Change

Rapid change is not a phase we’re passing through; it is a phenomenon that characterizes our times.

Our ability to change ourselves and our organizations at least as rapidly as the world is changing around us will be the single greatest challenge of our professional careers.

What’s the best way to go forward in the light of this rapid change? What mindsets can we adopt that will equip us to survive and prosper in turbulent times? What disciplines do we need to develop to enable us to cope? What skills do we need to survive and prosper in the information age?

THE SOLUTION: You Don’t need a Ph.D. in Change Management to Surive the Chaos...


There is one core skill that will define the most successful individuals and organizations — the ability and propensity to engage in purposeful, self-directed learning.

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