Kahle’s Kalculation of Sales Productivity

Get Solid Performance Data.

Get Solid and Objective Performance Data Easily from Your Sales Team to Significantly Increase Sales Output, Without Having to Negotiate With Your Sales Team, and Without Any Guess Work.

With Kahle's Kalculation Tool You'll Now Be Able to:

– Objectively measure sales productivity of every sales person, and every sales team

– Go from “I think, you think” – to the objective – “Here’s your productivity number.”

– Easily compare a sales person’s performance to goals and industry norms

– Compare this year’s productivity against a previous year’s

– Compare one sales team in one location with another sales team in a different location

– Compare the company’s total sales and marketing system with industry norms

– Over 10,000 Downloads so far, and counting…

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About Dave Kahle









In his first career as a sales person, Dave Kahle was the number one sales person in the nation for two different companies, in two distinct selling situations. That led to his second career as a sales authority.

As a sales authority, Dave has written 12 books, which have been translated into eight languages and available in 20 countries, and presented over 1,000 times in 47 states and 11 countries.  He’s trained literally tens of thousands of sales people to sell better, thousands of sales managers to manage better, and has worked personally and contractually with over 459 companies.