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Jeff Campbell, Sales Manager, Modern Builders Supply

“Immersion has taken us from being reactive, to being proactive – this is a huge shift for us. It really makes us reevaluate the return on investment with our time, and how we’re spending it. This is huge in the sales world. Immersion has really revealed where we were misusing our time and it has been a  game changer for us. We now more closely view our time as money – because as a sales team, it really is. We can be a great friend to a fantastic client, but if we’re not getting anywhere with them… why continue to beat that bush? As I work together with my team, Immersion has really fostered great teamwork between me and my sales people. One of them is young, and it has really helped us to better understand each other. We can now operate together in different scenarios, in a way that allows us to leverage the maximum benefit for our clients and our company.”

Joe Mayer, Sales Manager, Modern Builder’s Supply

“Immersion has definitely been positive. Regarding interacting with clients, there has been a real difference in our sales people. Before meeting with a client they’re spending their time much more wisely. They prepare more, and better – thinking about how to approach the client, how to prepare ahead of time, what questions to ask, etc. There’s been real growth in our people and a much better focus in their interactions and presentations. A lot of training programs we’ve done over the years have resulted in a lot of wasted time, coming away with little value. But Dave Kahle’s Immersion has been of great benefit, and has been real interesting. Immersion has also helped me a lot as a Sales Manager. I know what to expect from my team, what to look for… it’s been great. I know what strategic questions to ask my team such as, ‘Who are you targeting? Why are you targeting them? What are you going to say in that meeting?’ Immersion has definitely helped me in my management of, and collaboration with, my team.”

Sarita Coutts, Marketing Director, McKenna Distribution

“Before Immersion we were doing things via intuition, almost flying by the seat of our pants – without structure. Immersion has helped us organized ourselves and get a plan together that helps our sales people how to prioritize and understand the expectations. This is really helping. We recently onboarded a new sales person, and had them use the Immersion Catch-Up System. They were blown away by how powerful this was to get them started in their new position. Things are so much smoother now, and there’s better collaboration and communication.”

Rex Ringle, General Manager, Millcraft

“Immersion does a great job helping our people qualify accounts, focus on the right accounts, and stop spending time on accounts that are never going to grow. Dave’s training gets you where you need to be. It’s very difficult for sales personalities to change their focus – but the way Dave teaches these things, our sales people are suddenly able to change their paradigms. Dave’s Immersion almost rewires their brains, to the point that they’re open to suggestions. Sales people often form bad habits that stick with them for life. Some of the more experienced sales people can spin their wheels on accounts that suck the life out of them. Dave’s training has helped immensely to help them rewire and drop the bad habits. Their eyes are opened and the light bulb comes on.”

John Mann, Branch Manager, Modern Builders Supply, Inc

“It’s astonishing how much I learn from each lesson in Immersion, and it’s also amazing to see how much my sales persons are learning. There’s so much to grasp, but it’s fun, and the time flies by. Immersion has a lot of good structure and enough repetition to help us practically implement everything we learn. When I lead the monthly Immersion meeting, I really think through the best questions to ask my team. I always feel equipped to facilitate those meetings because the manager’s version of Immersion really sets me up for success with our Team Members. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how many of them actually understand the material and implement the work. On the rare occasion that a person either isn’t doing the work, or isn’t grasping it – I can tell – and I’m able to ensure it is clicking for them, and help them implement the Immersion tools and tactics.”

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The Immersion Program is authored by one of the world’s most widely recognized authorities on B2B sales: Dave Kahle. Dave has written 13 books which have been translated into 8 languages and are available in over 20 countries. He has appeared in front of the conferences of 89 national associations, and personally worked with over 429 individual companies. He’s touched literally thousands of companies and tens of thousands of B2B sales people through his seminars and webinars.









In his first career as a sales person, Dave Kahle was the number one sales person in the nation for two different companies, in two distinct selling situations. That led to his second career as a sales authority.

As a sales authority, Dave has written 13 books, which have been translated into eight languages and available in 20 countries, and presented over 1,000 times in 47 states and 11 countries.  He’s trained literally tens of thousands of sales people to sell better, thousands of sales managers to manage better, and has worked personally and contractually with over 459 companies.