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Your Customers Can’t See You in Person.
What do you do?

We're Uniquely Staged to Help You...


It’s rare that a problem coalesces so quickly and urgently as this. Your entire sales forces may have been knocked out of their routines and are desperate for some answers.


You need to find a solution, quickly.  The cost of your sales force spinning their wheels for weeks is just too great to even consider.


So, you can try to figure it out yourself – trial and error for months.  Or, you can shorten the learning curve and get up to speed by the end of the week.


We’ve been doing distance selling, consulting, training, and coaching for decades – we’re uniquely situated to serve you! Let us help you get up to speed – quickly.

How to Sell to Customers When You Can’t Visit Them

How to Excel at Distance Selling via Phone and Video

1-Hour Video with Dave Kahle & Scott David

This video will challenge your sales team to burst out of their comfort zones by  using technology to sell to their customers.

keys to being a professional salesperson

You’ll be back in the game.

By the end of the video, your team will know exactly what they need to do to nurture their customers, stand out from the competition, and gain new competencies which will serve them (and you) well for the rest of their careers.

How It Works.

The video will be billed to your credit card, You will get instant access to the the valuable content.

About the Opportunity...

Your Purchase Includes:

1.  A 23-page packet of complimentary materials in a downloadable pdf file.

2.  A link to the video, with the password to enable you to open and watch it.

3.  A link to a complimentary blog post.

4.  A link to a complimentary podcast.


Per site:
1 site = $99.00
2 – 10 sites = $89.00 each
11 – 30 sites = $79.00 each
31 + sites = $69.00 each

Note:  A site is a connection to the video.  You can have as many people at that location as you want.  A second location requires the purchase of another site.

If you are currently a customer – that means some of your people are currently enrolled in one of our “immersion” courses — please email us (info@davekahle.com) and I’ll send you a coupon for 100% off.

If you are a past customer – that means that some of your people have been enrolled in one of our ‘immersion” courses, or have gone through the Kahle Way Sales Management System, please email us (info@davekahlle.com) and I’ll send you a coupon for 50% off.

This video can save you months of trial and error and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales. 


Dave Kahle is one of the world’s leading sales educators, and the organizing force behind The Sales Resource Center. Dave has the distinction of having been the #1 salesperson in America for two different companies in two different industries. He’s written thirteen books, consulted with hundreds of companies, enriched the careers of tens of thousands of sales people and refined the skills of thousands of sales managers. Dave has presented in 47 states and eleven countries. He holds both a Bachelor of Education degree and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, and has a reputation for creating and delivering practical, insightful strategies, principles, processes, practices and tools. The Sales Resource Center is the ultimate expression of his unique combination of gifts.
Dave Kahle
President, The Sales Resource Center
Scott loves helping people excel as they encounter life’s biggest problems and he is gifted at recognizing and maximizing opportunities and strengths in people, teams, and systems. Scott has coached well over 7,000 people from all walks of life — helping excel personally, and professionally. After graduating high school, he was in a catastrophic auto accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors gave him two hours to live — but within 10 months he had learned to walk again. This is just one of many challenges Scott has overcome… there’s no problem too big for Scott. He thrives at helping people navigate and conquer their greatest challenges. Scott holds an MA in Leadership, and holds many professional certifications. He has serviced over 150 universities and companies including fortune 500s.
Scott David
Executive Coach, The Sales Resource Center