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The Biblical Business Coalition Course is a series of modules designed to help you reach your business’s potential for growth, influence and impact.
Created and presented by author/consultant Dave Kahle, the content arises out of deep study of the scriptures and over 30 years of experience as an international speaker, consultant and author.  See Dave’s credentials here. View testimonials about Dave here.



The Biblical Business Course is a series of multi-media modules

  The course uses our unique “immersion’ methodology.  We immerse you into one concept per month, and supply the content in a variety of mediums.  Typically, you’ll receive a video lesson. an audio lesson (podcast), a blog post or two to read, and an application exercise.  Once a quarter, you’ll be invited to a free live webinar by Dave Kahle.

     We guide you through the process of implementing a set of specific “Biblical Business” concepts.  No academic theory here – the modules are designed to make an immediate, positive impact on your business.

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orange1Lesson One:  Introduction to the Biblical Business concept.
A business can be ordained by God, infused with his power, and a powerful entity to achieve his purposes. Review the Biblical case.

orange2Lesson Two:  Establishing prayer for and within your business
Learn the best practices for establishing prayer as a regular part of your business. Tap into the power of prayer to energize your business and bless your employees, customers and vendors.

orange3Lesson Three:  Crafting the foundational documents for a Biblical business.
Learn how to create the conceptual foundation for your business, with vision, mission and values statements. Get your business off to a great start by articulating the most important priorities.

orange4Lesson Four:  Gathering a group of advisors.
Review the options you have for finding people to advise you, and consider a specific recommendation. Add power and wisdom to your business, help prevent costly mistakes, and keep yourself on track and accountable.

orange5Lesson Five:  Your family and the business
Most people stress over splitting their time between their business and their family.  Not Biblical business people.  Learn why and how to implement a different way of thinking in your business and your life.

orange6Lesson Six:  Spirit Planning
Bringing God into your planning process may sound ephemeral, but this lesson will show you how. Really make God a part of your business.



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Your Business is designed to impact the world.
This course will show you how.
As a successful entrepreneur, Dave Kahle has helped literally hundreds of companies reach more of their potential.  Each year, his clients add more than $100 million dollars of new revenue.  Now, he’s sharing his insights and wisdom so you can take your business to a higher level.

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Build a business that glorifies God.
Whether you’re a successful business owner, or thinking about starting your business, it’s likely that you have asked yourself this question:  Is this it? Is this all there is to life?  In this course, you’ll find that there is more.  God has a plan and a purpose for you.  He gave you the vision for your business for more than just personal profit.  This course will help you realize that vision.  Enroll in the course now, and receive the first month FREE!

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Access the course instantly, and receive the first month FREE!