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WEBINAR: The Top 10 Questions Sales Managers Ask About Wholesale Distributor Sales Team- Hosted by Dave Kahle (Speaker, Author, Consultant) and Frank Monterrosa (OIS Product Specialist)

 This webinar was hosted by Orders in Seconds (OIS) and Dave Kahle on the topic,

“The Top 10 Questions Sales Managers Ask About Wholesale Distributor Sales Teams”

 Wholesale distributors and manufacturers have the responsibility of managing sales teams. This could be a challenging task since there will always be questions about the ins and outs of managing, from struggling with sales performance, setting goals and territories and even knowing how to identify potential new hires.

In this webinar, we will review many of these topics and questions. The answers will allow you to manage and set your salesforce up for success in 2023.

The speakers in the webinar are Dave Kahle, speaker, author, consultant and creator of The Kahle Way®, and Frank Monterrosa, OIS Product Specialist. 

Here is more information about the speakers:

Dave Kahle is a speaker, author, and consultant who has been the number 1 salesperson in the country for 2 different companies, in two distinct industries.

As a consultant and speaker he’s trained and certified more than 2,000 sales managers and tens of thousands of B2B salespeople in The Kahle Way® Sales System. A proven system that empowers your salesforce with practical tools to dramatically improve sales performance.

Dave has been in practice for over 30 years, spoken at more than 400 conferences in the US and abroad. As an author, he’s written 13 books on the topic of sales training and management for sales leaders and teams. His books have been translated in 8 languages and are available in 20 countries.

He writes and publishes 3 digital publications, Sell Better, Lead Better and Building Biblical Business, which are distributed year round with 7,000+ subscribers. You can also listen to his practical wisdom on selling on his podcast: The Kahle Way® Growth Systems Podcast.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davekahle/

Frank Monterrosa, was Dave’s co-host in the webinar, he is the OIS Product Specialist, who assisted Dave in asking the top 10 questions sales managers ask about sales teams and any additional questions that came up during the webinar.

Frank graduated with honors and earned his Bachelor’s in Marketing and Advertising.

He has participated in many leadership and entrepreneurship courses, with more than 15 years of experience in customer service, marketing, and sales.

Currently, he manages the US and Latin American markets for Orders in Seconds.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-monterrosa-256a1454/


In this webinar, Dave answered the following questions:

Question 1 – Time 6:47
What personality type and sales experience should you look for in new hires?

Question 2 – Time 10:15
What is a good source for finding new hires?

Question 3 – Time 12:22
How frequently should I be training my sales team and how important is it?

Question 4 – Time 15:31
How do you motivate your sales reps to stay loyal to your company and not move on?

Question 5 – Time 19:17
How can I set up a sales quota for my reps? Daily/Weekly/Monthly?

Question 6 – Time 22:42
Is it recommended to set up prospecting goals for new customers and how should I set up those goals?

Question 7 – Time 26:38
What do you recommend paying sales reps as a base salary and comission? (Kahle’s Kalculation)

Question 8 – Time 31:51
How can I turn order takers into sales people?

Question 9 – Time 36:06
What do you recommend with planning and setting sales territories?

Question 10 – Time 38:13
How do you make sales teams more efficient at visiting more stores and selling?

How can Dave help your sales managers and teams through the Kahle Way System® – Time 41:03

Audience FAQs – Time 47:20
Additional FAQs from the audience that Dave answered.

In this Webinar, Frank shared the latest updates on OIS

What’s new at Orders in Seconds – Time 44:18

Frank explains how OIS Pro App features can optimize the sales process for wholesale distributors while saving money and time. Additionally, he shares the OIS latest launch: OIS eCommerce App, and all of the benefits and solutions that come with it.

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