Income Opportunities

Independent trainers, consultants or coaches

  • Increase your revenue
  • Become a substantial resource to your clients
  • Provide world-class training content

And do so with a minimum investment on your part.

You have two options:
  1. Become an Affiliate. Just register with us, and place our graphic on your website, ezine, blog or social media space. You’ll make 20% of any sales that come through your link. Click here to learn more.
  2. Become a Partner. Brand a portal page with your own logo and direct your traffic to that page. Or, have us work with you to create a unique set of courses and learning units. This relationship brings with it all the rights and responsibilities of the affiliate, and adds additional opportunities to expand your brand. We’ll list you as a Partner on the Sales Resource Center site, and work with you to create your own portal. To learn more, email, and put “Partner” in the subject field.

Questions? Email or call 800-331-1287.

I am pleased to tell you how well the… program went, and how well it was received. As I recall, you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force. I don’t think we knew exactly what to expect, but we sure were happy with the results. This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of our sales staff was excellent. You addressed our expressed needs, provided valuable support material, did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, and everyone’s comments were very positive. Among the best things we gained was the strategy for better analyzing territories and clients into priority groups – ABC; and how dealing with different personalities is as important as dealing with different product requirements. We now have a great foundation from which to work. I appreciate your help in constructing it and will recommend you to others. In the future, we will think of you first as our training partner.”

Allen Gage

President of Sales & Marketing, Tri-West, Ltd.