Sales Systems

How to create a sales system for YOUR business

Frustrated with your company’s sales efforts?

Nothing works the way you would like it? Searching for answers?

Build a powerful sales system that brings you sales regularly land predictably.  For one low monthly fee, you’ll have access to powerful content that will guide you to install and continually refine your own sales system. Based on the books, How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime and Sell Better! How to Grow Your Sales More Rapidly and Predictably by Creating and Refining a Powerful Sales System, our content is designed to do away with your frustration and provide you the solution to methodical, regular, predictable sales.This is an eight-month program that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating your own sales system.

Your first month is free.  And you can cancel anytime.

$48.97 a month

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Author Dave Kahle has helped literally thousands of professionals and small business owners build sustainable sales systems that have grown their business and helped them reach their potential.  

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This is an extremely simple, yet highly effective system of managing salespeople. Beyond that, I am very impressed with the values built into the program (the counseling section, and the consistent processes which value the overall dignity of the individual while keeping them accountable). This is truly a system I can get behind and learn to master. I look forward to being a part of my salespeople’s development and success.”

John Cobb

Consolidated Supply Co.

Module One: 

Gain a perspective on sales systems:

  • The ‘Big Picture’ sales process
  • What you’ll need in time and money
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a customer.

Module Two:

Identifying your target market

  • How to focus in on the market that will bring you the best return on your time and effort.
  • How to use a dart target to identify layers of appropriate markets.

Module Three:

Acquiring a customer – Part 1

  • How to create a ‘value-added proposition.’
  • How to attack the biggest issue in the mind of your prospect – Risk!



Module Four:

Acquiring a customer – Part 2

  • How to create a compelling offer
  • How to deliver that offer persuasively and efficiently.

Module Five:

Creating a Client

  • How to create a system to turn customers into clients
  • How to create a set of measurements to keep track of the important processes in your system.


Module Six:

Developing a Partner

  • How to create a process to develop partners
  • How to expand your measurement to provide you up to date information on the state of your system.


Module Seven:

Systems Enhancements

  • How to enhance your sales system to make it even more powerful.
    • Additional measurements
    • Measuring sales productivity
    • Adding sales people
    • Automating the process
    • Developing your staff.