From sales seminars to training- what people are saying

What people are saying about the value they gained…

We realize that investing in a months-long sales training program can be a high-risk decision on your part. One way to reduce the risk is to see what other people have experienced with programs like the one that you are considering. In that spirit, we offer these excerpts from some of the letters of recommendation we have received from meeting planners, CEOs, sales managers and seminar attendees from all over the world.
In addition to the testimonials noted on every page throughout the site there are many more that illustrates the value of Dave Kahle’s “The Sales Resource Center” as well as his seminars, webinars and more!

Sales Seminar Testimonials

“I had so many complimentary comments about the training and the insights everyone gained as a result of your training. You did a great job in providing answers to many questions and offered a lot of new insights and ways to think about job responsibilities. The examples you presented on customer analysis proved to be very valuable. Your presentation was powerful, on track, needed, required and worth it.”

Chester J. Murphy, Jr., Executive Vice President, Brenntag Northeast, Inc. “Helps establish a “system” you can succeed with.”

Gene VanPatten, Fryer Company “Great information; very informative as to people skill teaching.”

Dennis Blahunka, Fryer Company “Exceptional tools; rules for the novice or seasoned salesperson. This seminar gave me the tools to gain ground in the sales area.”

Mel Stark, NNT Corp. “I really enjoyed all the new sales survival tips. Can’t wait to put them into action.”

Nancy Pobuta, Saft-T-Guard “This seminar gives you tools that make sense and will make you successful.”

Jennifer Przekip, Shetucket Supply Company “Valuable information – excellent presentation. You need to attend this seminar if you want to succeed in sales and them practice what you learn.”

Bruce Terry, Hardy Diagnostics “All distributor salespeople need to attend this seminar.”

Annonymous “If you have made a conscious decision to be in distribution sales, you cannot move forward and expect to be successful without attending this course first.”

Scott Thomas, Dealers Supply North “A great learning experience focused on the specifics of day-to-day distribution sales!”

Matt Phillips, Brenntag

“Kahle delivers! Using his strategic and disciplined methods allows anyone the opportunity to be a Top Gun salesperson.”

Brian Smith, L.E. Smith



The Kahle Way® Sales Management System Seminar

“This sales management program provides solid techniques with tools that will provide measurable improvement in my career.”

Mel Radford, Livingston & Haven

“Dave speaks directly to the heart of the matter.”

Gabriel Curry, Hub Industrial

“Whether you’re new to sales management or an experienced, successful veteran, the seminar is easily worth the investment.”

Eric London

“The seminar brought out lots of great ideas that I hadn’t thought of before and weren’t discussed!”

Greg Glickfeld, Summit Sports

“A mind-opening, paradigm-changing experience!”

Anthony Myers, Alamo Iron Works

“This seminar helped me to structure the thinking process, better understand what it is in a salesperson’s mind and help them improve their performance (and my pay check!)”

Mariano Hepner, Topring

“Dave presented the material in a very understanding and useful way for me to feel empowered to implement the plan.”

Rick Melvin, Johnson Pipe

“It is a catalyst to initiate changes now via a structured process”

Keith Culhane, 4-Star Hose & Supply

“I went to this seminar slightly skeptical of what real life material I could take back to the team and implement. Knowing that I come from a unique industry compared to many others in the room, I had a hard time believing that the material would be relevant to my team. It turns out that this information, regardless of what industry, seems to be so universal and genuinely thought out. I now see why Dave was so successful and I appreciate not only the humbleness but also the attentiveness to truly coach and drive resolution driven experiences into our knowledge base. Dave, thank you. I look forward to attending many more.”

John Cutrone, PSC



“Your energy and presentation style got instant and sustained interest and involvement from even the most jaded and seasoned of our sales representatives…We have had a number of motivational and/or thought provoking sales speakers but your having been called the growth coach is an understatement…You are the best investment we have made in our futures in some time.”

Gay Peeples, Director of Commercial Products Igloo Products Corp. “We truly benefited from the way you tailored the program to actually address our issues…The value in this session outweighed many 3 day seminars that I have attended. You approach gave us practical skills that I have already implemented and I have experienced positive results.”

Lisa Anderson, Area Manager Dexter Corporation, Polymer Systems  “Thank you for a reality based useable information set that we can put to work right away. We have already begun to use of the information you presented.”

Bob Othmer, President Enerco Corporation “The seminars were an overwhelming success: Both salespeople and branch managers universally reported gaining good, practical ideas that they could implement immediately. Dave’s presentation style is engaging and motivating, and his content will make a difference in the performance of the attendees.”

Rick Postoll SCP Pool Corporation “…we are seeing excellent results. Our sales people are more confident and better prepared when talking to customers, and our parts sales have increased since the classes were held.”

Ken Windes, Manager/Customer Service Dept. E.W. Bliss Company “…thanks again for a great seminar at our recent sales conference. Our entire sales force including field sales representatives, special market account managers and telemarketers felt that your seminar was the hit of the sales conference. I would recommend your seminar to any sales organization…”

Randy Scott, Vice President Divisional Director Chariot Family Publishing