Course: The Time Management Course for Sales People

Your issue: “My sales people are struggling with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Time management is a problem.”

Our solution: The Time Management Course for Sales People

Based on the principles and processes described in Eleven Secrets of Time Management for Sales People, this course provides sales people with proven, practical disciplines and practices to gain control of their time and become more effective and more efficient.

Table of Contents

One:  Lesson-21:  Goal Setting

Two:  Lesson-43: Get Organized!  Managing Information before it Manages You

Three:  Lesson-55: The most powerful time management strategy for sales people.

Four:  Cluster: CL-90: How to measure the potential in an account

Five: Lesson-28:  How to conduct an end-of-the-year planning exercise.

Six:  Cluster: CL-88: How to plan and prepare more effectively.

Seven:   Lesson-27: How to overcome your personal time-wasting habits.

Eight:  Cluster: CL-89:  How to become better at time management for sales people.

Nine:  Lesson-56: How to understand, and plan for, the penetration of key accounts.

Ten:  Lesson-57:  How to refresh and refocus yourself every month.

You have access to the course for six months.

Your investment:  $130

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Gain competitive edge and make every second count! 

“Kahle’s 11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople provides help for the unique and overwhelming challenges faced by today’s salesperson. Learning to manage time more effectively results in greater productivity and more satisfaction at work and at home. His 11 secrets are based on his years of observation of thousands of salespeople as well as his own experience in sales.”
–Agency Sales magazine


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This sales management program provides solid techniques with tools that will provide measurable improvement in my career.”

Mel Radford

Livingston & Haven