Becoming a great salesperson doesn’t happen overnight. Many of us like to think that some people are born with it, but the team at The Sales Resource Center knows the truth. Great salespeople spend years honing their craft and learning about their businesses, as well as learning about what people want to hear when they are interested in buying products and services. We have put together 10 tips to make you a better salesperson.
  1. Intimately Know Your Product or Service – If you know everything about your product or service, you’ll have no problem selling it. You know all the benefits!
  2. Be a Good Listener – Listen to what your customer wants and focus your pitch on them.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions – You know what they say when you ASS-U-ME something, right?
  4. Humor Helps – If you need to break the ice, tell a good joke at the beginning of a pitch.
  5. Be Positive – Would you want to buy a product from a grumpy person? Neither would we!
  6. Start Slow – Starting slow at the beginning of your career allows you to see your mistakes and improve your abilities.
  7. Eliminate Objections – Figure out why someone would say no to your product and have a retort to each issue.
  8. Be Creative – If you have a unique idea, give it a try. You may change the way you work!
  9. Have Fun – Customers can tell when you are not enjoying your job, so have fun with it.
  10. Follow Up with Your Clients – If you follow up on the client after a sale, they may just come back for another one!
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