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Whether you’re new to sales or a proven performer, this weekly eZine offers practical advice that’s proven to increase performance. Includes tips and techniques, best practices, questions from other salespeople, and a deep dive into strategic issues. Every issue includes a link to a Practical Wisdom podcast. When you subscribe, we’ll send a free copy of our ‘Handling Objections” workbook, to help you master one of a salesperson’s biggest challenges.

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Learned Optimism For Salespeople
Strategic Planning for Salespeople

Leading sales teams can be challenging and at times a lonely endeavor. Whether you’re a sales manager, business owner, CSO, or VP of Sales you’ll enjoy this ezine designed to help you increase your team’s performance, boost your confidence and help you win more consistently. When you subscribe, we’ll send you a FREE copy of our E-book, “Portrait of a Professional Sales Manager.”

View some samples:
Personal Goal Setting and Self-Improvement
Habits and Self-Image of Salespeople

Starting and leading a business is often a leap of faith. Knowing when to move and when to sit still is a constant balancing act. This eZine is designed to help Christian business leaders see their businesses as powerful entities in the Kingdom, and help them reach their business and spiritual potential. We focus on practical ideas to help you grow an excellent business with greater Kingdom impact. When you subscribe, we’ll send you a FREE copy of our E-book, “7 Keys to Transform Your Business into a Spiritual Powerhouse.”

View some samples:
Business or Career Crisis? Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?
Biblical Giving – How to Give, According to Scripture 

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