At The Sales Resource Center, we’ve partnered with leading businesses in a variety of service industries and manufacturing trades that value the benefit and importance of providing strong sales training to their staff. Without the right sales team that possess the tools needed to make the sale, businesses simply would not thrive and flourish. The leaders at North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA) recognize the need to offer continued education and sales coaching to their sales staff in order to sell and sell better, which is why they’ve partnered with us! 
North American Building Material Distribution Association

NBMDA is the premier trade association representing wholesale distributors of building materials in the United States and Canada.  NBMDA develops and promotes the effectiveness of distribution processes to improve member profitability and growth, including providing superior products and top-notch, value-added customer service through partnership with trade partners. One key element of the success of their members is the right sales coaching for their staff.  
In as little as 10 minute snippets, your sales staff can learn the top tricks of the selling trade with the help of the experts at The Sales Resource Center, much like those members of NBMDA do. Completion of our four month comprehensive course will arm your sales team with all the tips, tricks and tools need to make a sale!

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