Here’s a scenario: You’re a business owner with the hottest, trendiest new gadget that everyone wants.
On top of that, your prices are stellar and can’t be beat. The icing on the cake; you’ve got a warehouse stocked and just ready to ship immediately. All of that sounds pretty amazing, right? But the only problem – you’re without a first-class sales team. A kick-butt, get-the-job-done sales team that is going to push every one of those over-stocked gadgets out the door and deposit cash into your bank account is the cornerstone of every successful company.  
Even the best business model with the “now” item needs a sales team behind them getting the goods to the buyers.  Whether you’re a brick and mortar store that needs an in-house team of sales experts, or an ecommerce store outsourcing to a professional call center, your sales team is the key to your success.
Every great salesperson possesses a set of traits that make him or her highly successful. How does your team stack up?
  •  Good listeners – They always pay close attention to their sales prospects and customers.
  • Assertive – Move a sales situation forward without offending or frustrating the customer.
  • Slow to commit but quick to deliver – They seldom over promise, which gives them the opportunity to exceed customer expectations. 
  •  Empathy – Adapt their behavior to the customer’s moods and emotions, which begins with listening and observing.
  •  Have a “can do”/optimistic attitude – They don’t recognize the words “can’t” or “impossible.” Whenever they are challenged, they always figure out a way to get the job done.
  • Problem solver – The desire to solve a problem helps create new ways to satisfy the customer’s needs.
  •  Extremely goal-oriented – They always have a specific objective for every sales potential.

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