Dave Kahle is one of the world’s leading sales educators, and the organizing force behind The Sales Resource Center. Dave has the distinction of having been the #1 salesperson in America for two different companies in two different industries. He’s written twelve books, consulted with hundreds of companies, enriched the careers of tens of thousands of sales people and refined the skills of thousands of sales managers.

Dave has presented in 47 states and eleven countries. He holds both a Bachelor of Education degree and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, and has a reputation for creating and delivering practical, insightful strategies, principles, processes, practices and tools. The Sales Resource Center is the ultimate expression of his unique combination of gifts.

6 Steps to an Effective Sales Process

More Sales Offers

“How can I sell more when I have so much to do?”  That’s a question I’m often asked whenever I’m talking to a group of salespeople.  I’m sure you can empathize with the feelings behind it.  You have new products to learn, paperwork to complete, hundreds of customer...

Personal Goal Setting and Self-Improvement

Personal Goal Setting and Self-Improvement

Question: I like the idea of setting goals for personal improvement, not only with my salespeople but for my own growth and development as well. Can you give me a more specific idea of what kind of goals I should be creating? Answer:  Sure. This is one of my hot...